Hat Trick Beverages Unveils New Product Line Design


TORONTO, May 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Hat Trick Beverages, is pleased to unveil its 2 new and recently announced product lines
named Bev Ball and Super Buzz. The designs can be viewed by visiting
the company web site at http://www.hattrickdrinks.com/new .

Twombly, Director of Operations, Cold Drink Division, said: “This is
something that we have been working on for a while now and with the
recent merger of Tango Cafe and the backing of its resources, the
company is ready to go to the next step with these product lines”.

Vaiser, Hat Tricks CEO, added: “Everything is slowly aligning together
for us in both the hot and cold drink division. We are taking slow
cautions and calculated moves to bring all of this to a fruition. We
are very pleased with the progress to date. We believe that once all
the divisions start progressing and we obtain a current status reporter
with Pink Sheets, our stock price should wake up and start moving in
the right direction. We have no doubts in our minds that we will meet
and exceed our expectations and goals”.

About Hat Trick:

Hat Trick Beverages Inc., http://www.hattrickdrinks.com/ , (Hat Trick), trades on the Pink Sheets symbol HKBV.PK. Hat Trick operates an import energy drink division, Tango Boost, http://www.tangoboost.com/ , importing Tonino Lamborghini energy drinks, a hot drink division, Tango Cafe, http://www.tangocafe.com/
, which specializes in exotic coffees, cappuccinos and espressos. The
Company also operates an import-export division, Tango Sistema,
distributing specialty coffee machines from Italy. Hat Trick’s cold
drinks division develops markets and distributes high quality and
uniquely functional beverage products. These products include Pumped
Fitness (which features a high impact packaging design in the shape of
weight training dumbbells), as well as youth oriented Road Kill
beverages and other products in growth-oriented sectors of the
non-carbonated cold beverage market.