Exclamation Energy Drink now available nationwide


(Chicago, IL) – Consumers can now consume less calories and less sugar in a 12 oz can of Exclamation Energy without sacrificing any of the active energy ingredients found in most 16oz energy drinks.

Exclamation Energy is a great tasting option in an energy drink market saturated with medicinally flavored 16 oz cans.  Exclamation Energy is a well-balanced citrus-based energy drink.  “By creating a great tasting and uniquely branded 12 oz energy drink, we present a new opportunity for some well established distribution channels such as vending” states Andrew Rashkow, President of Imbibe.

While most energy drinks are known for their aggressive names in hopes of conveying energy, Exclamation Energy drink dares to be different, choosing to use one of the best known symbols in society…an exclamation point!!!  This is the first time a beverage has distilled its brand into a single character – !.   “We think the promotional opportunities are practically limitless.  Grab it!  Share it!  At this stage in the game, you have to go beyond traditional branding to make your mark in a competitive marketplace,” explains Rashkow.

Exclamation Energy drink is also setting itself apart from its competition with wholesale and suggested retail pricing below the industry norm.   Imbibe believes there is a large group within the energy drink market seeking an alternative for less than $2 per can. “We’ve created an energy drink with tremendous value.  A  taste consumers actually love rather than tolerate and the same kick as a 16oz energy with 25% less calories, sugars and carbs . . . what could be better?” asks Mr. David Marcheschi, Senior VP of Sales.

Exclamation Energy drink is currently available online at www.drinkexclamation.com and ships 24 cans to a case.

Imbibe was founded in 1963 by Mr. Sumner Katz, a well-renown food scientist and entrepreneur.  Imbibe is an industry leader in the creation of new beverages whose expertise covers the full range of beverage disciplines including: flavor chemistry, ingredient technology, applications and formulas, packaging development, bottling production, and quality assurance.  Imbibe is a unique resource with the capabilities to quickly turn ideas into finished drinks in powder, liquid and concentrate form, with unrivaled quality, taste and speed-to-market.

Visit www.imbibeinc.com for further information.