HYDRIVE Energy Drinks launches HYDRIVE S to line


RYE, NY, May 1,
2008 —
The newest entry in the HYDRIVE Energy drinks line-up is HYDRIVE S – Blue Raspberry – has six
performance enhancers:

  • Vitamin
  • Caffeine
  • Maca
  • Ginkgo
  • D-Ribose
  • L-Leucine
  • HYDRIVE S – Strength Energy Drink
    takes its rightful place with the rest of the vibrant lineup:
  • HYDRIVE E – Endurance Energy Drink
    – contains six vital electrolytes – Lemon-Lime
  • style=””>HYDRIVE X – Antioxidant Energy
    Drink – contains six powerful antioxidants – Triple Berry
  • HYDRIVE V– Vitamin Energy Drink –
    contains 100% RDI of six essential vitamins – Citrus Burst

Unlike most energy drinks in cans, these products are
packaged in a proprietary 15.5 ounce resealable PET “Gripper” bottle. HYDRIVE
is perfect for on the go, hiking, biking, the gym, or any activity where you
need energy.  All
HYDRIVE energy drinks provide full power “Better Energy” because they
have less sugar (6 grams), low calories (30), amino acids, electrolytes,
vitamins, pure spring water and are specially formulated to prevent
the jitters.

HYDRIVE ENERGY LLC was founded in 2006 by beverage
executives Mike Weinstein (former CEO Snapple Beverages) and Brian O’Byrne
(former CEO Yoo-hoo/Orangina). The company is headquartered in Rye, N.Y.,
and is focused on bringing healthier energy drinks to market.  For more information, visit www.hydriveenergy.com.