Vitasoy Introduces the Heavyweight Champion of Light Soymilk – Vitasoy Lite Plus


Mass., July 24 /PRNewswire/ — Less is more when it comes to soymilk,
thanks to Vitasoy’s new Lite Plus soymilks now available in chocolate,
vanilla and plain at leading super markets and natural foods stores
throughout the country.

“Vitasoy’s smooth and
creamy dairy-free light beverage offers all the great taste Vitasoy is
known for, plus fewer calories, less sugar, and better calcium
absorption and it’s gluten free,” said Walt Riglian, Vitasoy’s

Fructan is a natural fiber that has
been found to help boost Calcium absorption. It also adds fiber to our
diet, helping us reach the recommended 25 grams per day. “On average,
Vitasoy Lite Plus contains 2.5 times more fiber than other top-selling
light soymilks,” said Riglian.

Vitasoy Lite Plus
has an average of 14.4 percent fewer calories that other leading
refrigerated soymilks. “If you’re looking for fewer calories and less
sugar and carbohydrates, Vitasoy Lite Plus is the light soymilk to
choose,” stated Riglian.

Lite Plus all-natural
soymilks are packaged aseptically for maximum freshness and shelf life.
This enables them to use one-third less energy to distribute and stock
compared to refrigerated varieties. At home, they need no refrigeration
until after they’re opened.

Look for Vitasoy Lite
Plus in Chocolate (Brown), Vanilla (Blue) and Plain (Red) 32-ounce
containers in the grocery aisle. The suggested retail price is $2.29 –
$2.49 each.

Vitasoy: Innovative Soy Pioneer

pioneer in bringing organic and all-natural tofu and soymilk to
America, Vitasoy USA Inc. is committed to producing delicious,
innovative foods that promote the health of our families and the
planet. Look for our premium tofu, soymilk, Asian-style noodles and
wraps, and soy-based sandwich spreads under the brand names Vitasoy(R)
and Nasoya(R). For further information, fast and easy recipe ideas, or
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