Introducing Embodi: The First Non-Alcoholic Beverage to Provide the Health Benefits of Red Wine Without the Alcohol


Embodi(TM), the firsthealth beverage to contain a specially developed
grape pomace extract made from the skins, seeds, and stems of red wine
grapes. This extract provides Embodi with the full-spectrum of red
wine’s antioxidants – and resulting health benefits – without the side
effects of alcohol.

“Embodi’s delicious organic
fruit juice blend is combined with our red wine grape extract, which
provides the health benefits of two glasses of red wine, without the
alcohol,” explains Dan Waters, CEO of Embodi. “Embodi is a convenient,
yet great tasting way to take active charge of your health,” he adds.
Embodi makes a daily regimen of red wine’s powerful antioxidants
available to millions of people who do not, or cannot, drink red wine.
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wine’s health benefits are well researched and documented and include
cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, reduced oxidative stress,
increased longevity, neurodegenerative disease prevention, and diabetes
prevention. Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine and Embodi, has
recently been heralded for its disease fighting properties. While
resveratrol is important, a growing body of research indicates that it
is the full-spectrum of polyphenol antioxidants found in found red wine
that provide its wide ranging health benefits and Embodi provides this
full-spectrum. Further details visit .

unique polyphenol antioxidants in red wine help guard the body against
free radicals – molecules which accelerate the degeneration of cells
and impact the body’s ability to stay healthy,” reports Dr. Leroy
Creasy, Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at Cornell University. Dr.
Creasy, who in 1991 discovered the presence of resveratrol in red wine
and red wine grapes, adds, “Embodi, with its unique red wine grape
extract, delivers these antioxidants in a healthy and non-alcoholic

Embodi is manufactured in the United States
and created from a proprietary blend of organic fruit juices and grape
pomace extract. One bottle of Embodi contains only 90 calories, making
it one of the lowest calorie antioxidant beverages available today.

is packaged in a re-sealable 8-ounce aluminum bottle that is more
easily recycled than plastic and more environmentally friendly to
transport than glass. In addition, since antioxidants lose potency when
exposed to light or oxygen, the Embodi bottle maintains maximum
antioxidant power until the moment it is opened.

is available in three flavors: Citrus Resurgence (citrus fruits),
Tropical Revival (goji berry and pomegranate), and Berry Renewal
(blueberry and pomegranate). Suggested retail price is $2.49.

Ingredient Information for Embodi:

organic fruit juice blend (organic white grape, organic red grape,
organic apple, organic pomegranate, and organic pear juices from
concentrate), grape pomace extract, and natural flavors.

Embodi can be found in the refrigerated drink section and the juice aisle at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

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