BURN Energy Drink For Sale After Seven Years on the Market

After seven years on the market, the manufacturer of BURN Energy Drink is putting the brand up for sale.

“We’ve beaten every odd for a small, independent energy drink by lasting seven years,” said founder Tyler Benedict, “but it’s time to give BURN a chance to really grow under new leadership.”

BURN, launched in February 2002, quickly gained favor among consumers by offering 10% to 25% more caffeine than the mainstream brands and actually tasting great. A lot of brands claim to “taste better”, but BURN’s citrus/tropical flavor and unique yellow packaging have won numerous awards and accolades, both in and out of the beverage industry.

Beverage publications estimate that more than 100 new energy drinks launch each year, but only a handful are still in business after six months. By contrast, BURN has grown and gained shelf space and distribution for seven years against ever increasing competition, including the Fast Lane and Quik Trip chains in the St. Louis, MO, area.

“We’ve always run this company in a bootstrapped manner,” Benedict said. “Honestly, BURN’s accomplished most of its growth simply based on it’s shelf appeal, great taste and our grassroots marketing…and by offering a truly better product.

“We’ve take the brand as far as we can with our resources and talent. Now, we’re looking forward to helping someone else use the foundation we’ve built and grow BURN into the national brand it deserves to be.”

The company is selling the intellectual property assets, including trademarks, domain names, formulas, marketing materials and plans, and related information. Mr. Benedict is willing to stay on board for a limited time to help transition ownership and make introductions to all vendors, distributors and retailers.

“We’ve protected our trademark over the years and built a strong brand identity,” Benedict states. “It’s worth noting that Coca-Cola owns the ‘burn’ trademark for their energy drink in more than 30 other countries, but we have the U.S. registration.

“There are a lot of energy drinks still popping up. BURN provides the opportunity to hit the ground running with a proven product, or even to bolster an existing beverage portfolio.”