Thomas Kemper Soda Co. announces expansion into Arizona with Spike Beverage

PORTLAND, Ore. – October 6, 2009 – Thomas Kemper Soda Company, a Portland, Ore. based maker of premium craft brewed soda, has entered into a new distribution agreement with SPIKE Beverage, LLC, in Arizona. SPIKE Beverage LLC is a premium non-alcoholic beverage distributor.

“SPIKE Beverage has been nationally recognized for its innovative business model”, said Bill Germano, President and CEO of Thomas Kemper Soda Co. “We believe that our premium sodas match up very well with their beverage portfolios and are excited to be working with them.”

Already a leading premium soda brand in the Western U.S., Thomas Kemper expects to expand its customer base and regional presence throughout 2009.

About SPIKE Beverage, LLC.

SPIKE Beverage LLC delivers liquid refreshment throughout Arizona. The innovative beverage company distributes to all retail channels within the state. For more information about SPIKE Beverage and its full line of thirst quenching beverages please visit or call 520-882-1582. Now, follow SPIKE Beverage on Facebook and Twitter!

About Thomas Kemper Soda Co.

Thomas Kemper Soda Co. is an independently-owned company that produces classic varieties of craft-brewed cane sugar soda as well as premium low calorie soda. The company got its start in the explosive craft microbrew scene of 1980’s Seattle. Today, Thomas Kemper maintains the same Northwest spirit at its Portland, Ore., headquarters and continues to bottle its soda in small batches. Thomas Kemper products are available at grocery stores, finer retailers, and restaurants throughout the Western U.S. with growing availability across the rest of the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit