Maker of RelaxZen Launches RelaxZen SPORT – The World’s First Relaxation Beverage Designed for Athletes


Los Angeles (PRWEB) December 8, 2009 — Peaceful Remedies, LLC, the Shrewsbury, N.J. creator of RelaxZen™ Relaxation Beverages, has launched RelaxZen™ SPORT, the world’s first relaxation beverage designed to improve athletic performance. With its debut at BevNET Live 2009, RelaxZen™ SPORT is poised to become the pregame beverage of choice for all competitive athletes.

Based on the premise that a calm and focused athlete is a better athlete, RelaxZen™ SPORT contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, extracts and amino acids that work in conjunction with the athlete’s body to relax muscles, reduce jitters and focus the mind. RelaxZen™ Sport contains no banned substances and is safe for all athletes. The formulation will not cause drowsiness and contains no caffeine.

“It’s like ‘the zone’ in a bottle,” said Nick West, the Chief Relaxation Officer, “When athletes take SPORT, they will find the game slowing down, and their effectiveness improving dramatically.”

“For me,” said Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, the Chief Zen Officer, “I have noticed a clear improvement in my golf game. I’m focused on the ball and I rarely over-swing. 10 handicap here I come!”

RelaxZen™ SPORT comes in a 2.5 oz serving size bottle, retails for $2.99, has no sugar and zero calories.

RelaxZen™ ( ) is the leading brand of relaxation beverages. All of its products are designed to calm the soul, relax the body and focus the mind. You can find RelaxZen™ products at convenience stores, pharmacies, groceries and other fine specialty stores.