Jones Soda Co. Announces Jones GABA: America’s Only Functional Beverage with GABA


SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jones GABA, Jones Soda Co.’s (NASDAQ:JSDA) highly anticipated tea-juice blend with the amino acid, GABA, will be available in stores across the country early spring 2009. Jones GABA is the only beverage in the U.S. with natural PharmaGABA, which studies have shown to improve mental focus, balance and clarity, while reducing stress. Its benefits extend to a wide array of consumer groups.

“Jones GABA is a revolutionary, great-tasting beverage,” said Joth Ricci, chief operating officer of Jones Soda. “It has a rare distinction in the functional beverage marketplace. Its benefits can be felt within five minutes and have been shown to last for hours. Jones GABA helps people feel more relaxed and focused, allowing them to perform at their peak.”

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) has become extremely popular in Japan as a functional food and beverage ingredient and is expected to achieve mainstream popularity in the U.S. PharmaGABA is the natural form of GABA, a key neurotransmitter in the regulation of proper brain functionality. In Japan, sales of GABA-infused food and beverages increased more than five-fold between 2004 and 2006, with 2006 sales reaching approximately $122 million. (“Japanese Health Food and Component Markets,” Japanese World, September 8, 2006.)

“There is a lot of great science to support the effectiveness of PharmaGABA,” said Dr. Michael Murray, a leading expert on natural medicine. “PharmaGABA has been shown to counteract the effects of stress on both the mind and body. It increases the production of alpha waves in the brain as well as reduces biological markers of stress like cortisol levels. The benefits of PharmaGABA’s anti-stress effects are quite apparent in that it induces feelings of calmness and clarity, creating increased focus on the task at hand, which is very unique.”

Many Americans are looking to relieve stress while increasing their productivity. Caffeine and energy-based drinks are a common answer, but the side effects often counteract the consumer’s original intention. Several people who have sampled Jones GABA reported noticeable improvements in their well-being, especially when compared to stimulant drinks:

“Whether I’m in competition or riding with good friends, I like to feel in control and have every competitive advantage. That’s where Jones GABA comes in,” said Chanelle Sladics, one of the most respected female snowboarders in the world. “I love healthy, high-performing drinks, and Jones GABA is a great tasting, natural drink that helps me stay focused while riding. I am stoked about Jones GABA’s.”

“I drank Jones GABA right before doing some reading for school and actually noticed a greater ability to focus,” said Carly Andrews, a Seattle Pacific University freshman. “Often before doing homework, I’ll drink an energy drink to keep me awake and alert, but that causes me to be jittery. In the future, I would love to have a Jones GABA instead.”

Jones GABA is available nationally beginning early spring in four refreshing flavors: Fuji Apple, Lemon Honey, Nectarine and Grapefruit. Single serve 12 fl. oz. cans contain 150 mg of PharmaGABA and retail for $2.99. Jones GABA is 100% natural, fair-trade and ranges from 80 to 90 calories, depending on the flavor. Visit for more information.

Jones Soda Co. partnered with Mitsubishi Corporation and Pharma Foods International to bring PharmaGABA to the U.S. market. Seattle-based Superbig Creative developed the Jones GABA packaging and Ricochet Partners out of Portland, OR is leading the consumer and trade launches.

About Jones Soda Co.:

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Jones Soda Co. markets and distributes premium beverages under the Jones Soda, Jones Pure Cane Soda, Jones GABA, Jones 24C, Jones Energy, Jones Organics, Jones Naturals and Whoopass brands and sells through its distribution network in markets across North America. A leader in the premium soda category, Jones is known for its variety of flavors and innovative labeling technique that incorporates always-changing photos sent in from its consumers. Jones Soda is sold through traditional beverage retailers and everywhere you’d never expect to find a soda. For more information visit, and