TNT Marketing Named National Convenience Store Broker for Playboy Energy Drink

ARLINGTON, Texas & BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TNT Marketing, Inc., a national convenience store broker, has signed an agreement with Play Beverages, LLC to market its Playboy Energy Drinks to the convenience store industry.

Under the terms of the agreement signed earlier last week, Arlington-based TNT ( will market the new Playboy branded product line to large convenience store chains from coast to coast. Robert Nistico, president of Play Beverages (, said that TNT’s launch will begin later this month and be sourced through the convenience wholesalers/distributors, to which Playboy Energy Drinks will be shipped.

Manufactured by CirTran Beverage Corp. (, Playboy Energy Drink is available in regular and sugar-free, and in 8.4- and 16-ounce sizes.

Playboy One of the Top Most Recognized Brands Worldwide

“The Playboy brand has energized the globe for more than half a century, reaching more than 100 million consumers annually,” said Kenneth Fries, president of TNT Marketing, Inc. “Thanks mainly to the tireless and imaginative efforts of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his daughter and successor Christie Hefner, Playboy as become one of the top five most recognized brands in the world.

“Now,” he said, “consumers can experience the Playboy brand in a great-tasting ultra premium energy drink from CirTran and Play Beverages, brought to convenience stores nationally by TNT.”

Iehab Hawatmeh, president of CirTran Beverage Corp., the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Playboy Energy Drink, said the product “has tested very well in the same demographic markets where Playboy has built incredible name recognition.

“Our test marketing and initial rollout late last year showed great potential,” he said. “Now we believe that this potential will be fulfilled at convenience stores through the efforts of the very professional TNT staff.”

TNT, said Fries, is known for its team of “C-storologists®,” who are widely recognized as experts in convenience stores, much as zoologists are experts in the animal kingdom. “C-storologists,” he said, “establish and maintain partnerships with c-store wholesalers nationwide.”

About TNT Marketing

Based in the Dallas suburb of Arlington, Texas, TNT Marketing is a leading sales and marketing organization in the convenience store industry, representing many recognized consumer products in top c-store categories, including automotive, beverages, foodservice, frozen foods, grocery, general merchandise, HBC, and salty and sweet snacks. Bayer, ConAgra, Dole, General Mills, Mattel, Procter & Gamble (Duracell/Gillette) and Trojan are among the category-leading brands in the TNT Marketing portfolio.

About Play Beverages

Play Beverages LLC, a licensee of Playboy Enterprises International, Inc., in conjunction with CirTran Beverage Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of CirTran Corporation (OTCBB: CIRC), is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Playboy Energy Drink. Launched in September 2007, the branded beverage is available through retail outlets, catalogs and online, among other distribution channels. Play Beverages LLC is headquartered in Beverly Hills, with warehousing and distribution based in Hooksett, New Hampshire. For additional information on Playboy Energy Drink and CirTran Corporation, please visit and