Bionic Products announces alliance with Gilman Nutrition


Nevada-based Bionic Products Inc has announced that it has negotiated an agreement and partnership with Gilman Nutrition of Tampa, Florida – a nationwide formulator and nutritionist.

John Gilman has successfully designed and created a variety of healthy weight-loss and vitamin supplements, as well as electrolyte beverages and powders. Gilman was selected due to his major accomplishments over the past 20 years with successful formulations for hundreds of commercial applications.

Gilman Nutrition also has an abundance of warehouse space and facilities that have been offered to Bionic Products for future use. Gilman Nutrition is local to Bionic Products and is strategically aligned for worldwide distribution of Bionic’s products.

Bionic Products and Gilman Nutrition have formulated a new powder form, Power Packet, that when mixed with bottled water makes an energy drink much like Bionic-Tonic and LadyPink (now available worldwide).

These Power Packets will help save on shipping and handling costs, adding to Bionic Products’ bottom line for future profits. Bionic Products is also looking into production of sturdier and smaller cans to be able to fulfil demand overseas, and for military distribution in Iran and Iraq. These new containers may possibly be made of polyethylene or aluminium with screw caps.

Source: Bionic Products