Zymes Omega Solutions announces omega-3 enhanced water


Zymes Omega Solutions Inc, an affiliate of Zymes LLC, has announced the launch of an omega-3 enhanced water, OmegaChill.

The water uses Zymes’ PTS technology to solubilise and stabilise fish-derived omega-3. The resulting beverage delivers 50mg of EPA/DHA and has long-term shelf stability at room temperature. The beverage also contains vitamins C, E, B3, B6, B12, B5 and is naturally sweetened with stevia with zero calories.

OmegaChill is available in two flavours: Clearberry and Lemon-lime (lemon-lime contains electrolytes), and will be on selected store shelves in northeastern US. Zymes Omega Solutions is seeking additional distribution partners for the enhanced waters and is licensing the technology for other food and beverage categories.

Zymes Omega Solutions is developing other omega-3 enhanced products, including omega-3 kids’ drink pouches, ready-to-eat gelatins, granola bars, dry stick packs and high-concentrate omega-3 shots.