Snow Beverages adds more distribution

New York, New York – In October of last year, Snow Beverages introduced a new line of natural sodas that were not only fortified with vitamins and antioxidants, but also came in popular and delicious flavors like Pure Cola, Lemon Lime and Cranberry Pomraz. The line was initially launched in limited distribution at the Boston and Connecticut divisions of Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Ukrops and select Ingles Markets.

Due to the immediate and incredible reception from consumers Snow has substantially increased the availability of these groundbreaking new sodas. Snow Beverages has partnered with Davidson Distributors, UNFI SDS (formerly Millbrook) DPI-MidAtlantic and Haddon House to form a superior network of distributors whose reach covers a considerable portion of the east coast. The company has added to the select distribution list: the NY division of Stop & Shop, Giant of Landover, and select Shaw’s in their Wild Harvest departments, with several other major east coast grocery chains scheduled to launch this spring. Only 120 days after the initial launch of Snow Naturally Flavored Vitamin Soda, the distribution of the line has tripled from 400 stores to over 1000 and the growth rate is accelerating!

“We went to market in October of 2008 with the belief that there was mass-market appeal for a beverage that combines the super-popular flavors of traditional soft drinks with the attributes of a new age soda including being natural and fortified.” said Stu Strumwasser, the company’s CEO and Chief Soda Jerk. “Our strategy was to introduce the product at a limited number of retailers with plans to grow distribution in a careful and tightly controlled manner. Consumers have validated our expectations (with verifiable sales and data) allowing us to expand our footprint and move to the second phase of our launch plans. We remain geographically focused working with many of the finest grocery retailers on the east coast. As we head into the latter part of 2009 and beyond, we hope to once again triple our distribution with many new retail partners as well as national chains.”

Strumwasser added, “To create this one-of-a-kind line of natural soda we just started with great tasting soda, left out the bad stuff and put in some extra good stuff. Basically, nature makes snow pure and we add the vitamins. Consumers seem to agree.”

An authentically refreshing alternative to the common soft drink – Snow Natural Vitamin Sodas contain NO fake sugar, NO caffeine and NO artificial anything. These delicious beverages are subtly sweetened with cane sugar, lightly carbonated, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. So… why did this take a hundred years?