Revolutionary & Kidtricious New Water Provides the Right Nutrition for Kids


ROCKIN’ WATER™ is rockin’ the kids’ beverage industry with a new line of vitamin enhanced flavored water that is “Made by Moms who love their kids™” and provides just the right nutrition for growing children. Packed with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, 3 grams of soluble fiber (which increases the absorption of vitamins), ROCKIN’ WATER has the antioxidant power equivalent to a full serving of fruit or vegetable! This equates to an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) factor of 500. For Moms out there, that’s like eating a full cup of broccoli, but served up in delicious, great tasting water that kids love!

ROCKIN’ WATER was created by Amy Guerrieri, a mother of four young children and serial entrepreneur, who got sick and tired of all the unhealthy kid-targeted food and drink options and needed to figure out a way to get her children the nutrition they need. So Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and make a healthy, nutritious drink for kids. ROCKIN’ WATER has no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or flavorings, and no preservatives.

“Being in the food business, my own children were always with us in restaurants and stores,” noted Guerrieri, who along with her husband owns several successful bagel stores, a café and catering company. “Ultimately, they would be in front of a beverage cooler, with hands against the glass, eyeing all of the unhealthy, artificially flavored, sugar-filled drinks that have traditionally been available to children. As a Mom, I wanted my children to have a drink that not only tasted great, but provided them with the right nutrition for their growing bodies, so I teamed up with a nutritionist who specializes in kid’s nutrition and we created ROCKIN’ WATER.”

Amy Guerrieri found Karen Newman, a nutritionist who is just as serious about promoting healthy options as she is about children, and the team created ROCKIN’ WATER. Newman is a clinical nutritionist, a USAT certified coach and a certified childhood and adolescent weight management counselor. She has been a 5-time All American Triathlete, a 5-time Team USA World Competitor and winner of numerous triathlons. In addition to her nutrition work, Newman spends most of her time giving back to the world and especially to children — empowering them to get fit, get healthy and go for their dreams.

With physical fitness and good nutrition paramount in the development of ROCKIN’ WATER, its no surprise that the product is adorned with a fun and physical character named Rockin’ Rikki™ that exposes many different forms of physical activity by riding a bike, skateboard, snowboard and scooter on the package of each ROCKIN’ WATER flavor. ROCKIN’ WATER is available in four great flavors – apple, cherry, grape and orange – and has a suggested retail price of $1.69 for a 12-ounce bottle. ROCKIN’ WATER is currently available in stores throughout the Northeast and is also available online at

To learn more about ROCKIN’ WATER, visit or call 203-990-0000.