Rockin’ Water’s “Moms on A Mission, Take on Kids’ Nutrition” and help Kentucky kids in need

(OLD GREENWICH, Conn., April 13, 2009) – ROCKIN’ WATER™, the revolutionary new vitamin enhanced flavored water for kids, “Made by Moms Who Love Their Kids™,” pulled out all the stops recently and brought ROCKIN’ WATER directly to kids in the United States that could benefit the most from ROCKIN’ WATER’S vitamin and mineral infused flavors – the Appalachian area of Kentucky.

In ROCKIN’ WATER’S first delivery to Kentucky, the small, start-up company took 4,000 bottles of ROCKIN’ WATER, and a total of 11 pallets of donated items such as diapers, formula, school supplies, personal hygiene products, food, clothes and toys, along with four ROCKIN’ WATER volunteers, directly to Martin County, Kentucky, one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the United States. During its visit, ROCKIN’ WATER reached out to more than 750 children in the area by visiting schools, day care centers, after school programs, and also met with and donated items to food pantries, health clinics, churches and a local dentist (the only one in the county for almost 40 years).

Through a partnership with CAP – Christian Appalachian Project, a non-profit organization committed to serving people in need in Appalachia, ROCKIN’ WATER has dedicated itself to continuing to provide ROCKIN’ WATER and other donated items to the Appalachian area through ROCKIN’ WATER’S R.A.M.P. effort – ROCKIN’ APPALACHIAN MOM PROJECT (visit to learn more).

Amy Guerrieri, founder and CEO of ROCKIN’ WATER and ROCKIN’ WATER PRODUCTS, LLC., based in Old Greenwich, Conn., was compelled to make a difference in Appalachia after she was moved by a recent national news story on Appalachia.

“When I saw the story on how the nutritional needs of children right here in America were not being met, and on such a drastic basis, I knew I had to take action. This was why I had created ROCKIN’ WATER – to make a difference in kids’ lives,” said Guerrieri.

Guerrieri and ROCKIN’ WATER’S efforts to help kids in Kentucky were then profiled on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, who filmed the Connecticut company and Guerrieri’s efforts preparing for the trip, and then while the group was in Kentucky working with the children and individual families. The NBC Nightly News story aired on March 30, 2009. To view the NBC Nightly News story, visit:

“Amy and ROCKIN’ WATER traveled to Kentucky with a group of caring mothers delivering hope in the form of goods and goodwill for the community,” noted Candace Sword, head of Donor Relations for CAP. Sword went on to say, “Amy’s efforts and passion for helping families in need was contagious. After her transforming visit, we are thrilled that Amy and ROCKIN’ WATER have promised to continue to spread the word and raise support in her community and beyond to help the numerous families that we serve.”

ROCKIN’ WATER’S efforts will continue by supplying ROCKIN’ WATER directly to the children in Appalachia that could benefit the most from the product’s nutritional advantages – each bottle is equivalent to eating a full serving of fruit or vegetable, and has an antioxidant rating of 500 – like a cup of broccoli! In addition, ROCKIN’ WATER and R.A.M.P., the ROCKIN’ APPALACHIAN MOM PROJECT, will continue to coordinate additional donation drives to collect items to donate to families in need in Appalachia and will periodically ship those items to Kentucky, through the generous help of its trucking partner, Exel Trucking.

ROCKIN’ WATER™ is a revolutionary new water product that is “made by Moms who love their kids.” ROCKIN’ WATER is a naturally flavored enhanced water beverage that kids love, and is packed with Moms’ favorites – 11 vitamins and minerals, fiber, and an antioxidant ORAC rating of 500 – like a full serving of fruit or vegetable in every bottle! ROCKIN’ WATER is the inspiration of Amy Guerrieri, a mother of four young children and a serial entrepreneur, who got sick and tired of all of the unhealthy kid-targeted food and drink options and needed to figure out a way to get her children the nutrition they need. So Amy decided to take matters into her own hands and make a healthy, nutritious flavored water drink for kids. With the help of Karen Newman, M.S., R.D., a clinical nutritionist and certified childhood and adolescent weight management counselor, ROCKIN’ WATER was born. ROCKIN’ WATER is a unique product and fills a void in the kids’ healthy drink market. ROCKIN’ WATER is available in four delicious flavors – Apple, Cherry, Grape & Orange. To learn more about ROCKIN’ WATER, visit or call 203-990-0000.