Venga Functional Infusions helping power and support our troops overseas

Delray Beach, FL-(May 26, 2009)-America’s military is widely considered the most powerful and best equipped in the world and now they have a new weapon in their arsenals, Venga®. functional infusions. Working with Green Beans Coffee Company, Venga®, has made its way into stores and cafes in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan and other military bases across the Middle East and is also supporting our troops and their families with the purchase of every bottle.

In addition to broadening its availability to troops in the Middle East, Venga has joined with Green Beans to support two charities that support soldiers and surviving military families and an initiative sponsored by Green Beans that lets anyone express their support for our military through the simple act of sending a cup of coffee to a soldier serving overseas. Respectively these are called, “Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors” (TAPS), “Soldiers’ Angels,” and “Cup of Joe for a Joe.” All are projects that help support America’s troops and their families. With their involvement, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every bottle of Venga in Green Beans stores and cafes in the area will be divided among these great efforts. Specifically, the TAPS program provides support networks for the surviving families of those who have died in service to America. “Soldiers’ Angels” provides aid and comfort to members of the armed forces and families by sending care packages to deployed soldiers, helps the wounded at military hospitals and provides aid to military families in need. “Cup of Joe for a Joe” gives everyone at home an opportunity to express support for those in uniform and to connect with them through the simple act of buying a cup of Green beans premium organic coffee and the company will deliver it along with their personalized message of thanks to a soldier serving overseas.

“We liked Venga right from the beginning and recognized it would be a great addition to the products we offer the troops and their families due to its unique taste and delivery of true function,” said Jon Araghi, President of Green Beans Coffee Company. “Now, with Venga’s support of the same programs we are involved with, we are more proud than ever to know we are offering our troops a great product that is willing to demonstrate their support for our armed forces and families with every bottle sold.”

Venga is a truly functional, premium beverage that combines antioxidant rich teas with 100 percent natural and exotic fruit juices, vitamins and nutraceuticals in a preservative-free, great tasting blend. Venga is a ready-to-drink, non-carbonated beverage that comes in six (6) distinct flavors/functions to help consumers achieve their goals, perform their best and relax. These functions include Energize, Daily Dose, Rehydrate, Calorie Burn, Brainstorm and Health Zen. With no HFCS’s, no preservatives and bursting with all the good stuff mother nature has to offer.and a little more.Venga delivers the nutritional and functional benefits consumers desire in a great tasting blend of exotic fruit flavors and teas.

“We’re excited that Green Beans chose to sell Venga in their cafes and we are proud to be a part of something as important as supporting the charities and initiatives that do wonderful things for our troops and their families,” said Jamie Day, Managing Partner of Beverage Innovations, the maker of Venga. “We invested heavily in the research and development of Venga to create the next generation of functional beverages that deliver on their promise and know that our troops will benefit from regular consumption of the product during deployment.”

Venga is a product of Beverage Innovations, Inc., makers of TeaWAVE® Smoothies, Tropics® 100% Natural Infusions and Island Rose® teas, and a leader in the premium, upscale functional beverage market with customers in over 30 countries on 5 continents. Venga is carried in upscale, gourmet and specialty retailers across the country including Nordstrom’s e-Bars, several Trump properties and a number of Ritz Carltons.

About Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Beverage Innovations, Inc. offers specialty beverage solutions to world class customers in 35 countries on 5 continents, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, South Korea and Australia. Beverage Innovations markets and sells upscale beverages under its own brands Tropics®, Venga®, Villagio®, TeaWAVE®, and Island Rose® teas.

About Green Beans Coffee

Green Beans Coffee Company, headquartered in Larkspur, California, owns and operates cafes at military bases in North America and throughout the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Africa. Green Beans has a unique relationship with, and dedication to, the members of the United States military and is committed on a national level to giving back to the community with a portion of every sale being donated to support organizations that strive to improve life for Soldiers and military families.