The Beaver Is Crossing The Border

Latimer Lake BC. May 27 2009.there have been numerous requests and inquiries over the last 4 years to bring Beaver Buzz into the United States but the company has held off until now.

“Until recently there has been such a saturation of new products and we didn’t want to get lost in the mix moreover we really felt we needed to build a strong enough brand and company in Canada before we attempted to gain a foothold in the United States” said Double D Beverage Corps. Co President and CEO Richard DeBanks. “Let’s face it, the US is a game changer it’s going to demand complete focus and an executable strategy”

The company will start with Citrus, Saskatoon Berry and Green Tea from Beaver Buzz Energy along with Canadian Cola and Retro Root Beer from the soft drinks.

DeBanks believes that the current recession and slowdown in energy, have created a rare opportunity and that the timing is right to cross the border.

“In the last few years it’s been ok for the big multi nationals to throw in another SKU and ride double digit growth, but that’s no longer the case any growth or sustainability in the category will only come from products with a genuine point of difference we can offer distributors and retailers a profitable addition to their portfolio” added DeBanks. “It’s been proven time and again that if you offer a better product at a competitive price and you support your distributors and retailers you will grow your brand and gain market share”

Double D Beverage Corp. is a functional beverage company that was launched in 2005 and is now the largest independent beverage company in Canada.