Simplifast RTD Fasting Beverage Hits Shelves in Hi-Health Stores

Charlotte, United States ( – September 08, 2009) Simplifast®, the first ready-to-drink fasting beverage, is now available in all 52 Hi-Health stores throughout Arizona. Simplifast has experienced accelerating growth at specialty supermarkets and regional supplement shops throughout the U.S. It is an ultra functional beverage, forging a brand new category in the high-growth beverage industry.

“We are very pleased with the great response to Simplifast from consumers across the country,” says Dianna Toomey, Simplifast Founder and CEO. “Healthy shoppers are validating that Simplifast is indeed unique and the first of its kind creating a new highly functional beverage category. We are promoting better health through Simplifast, making it easy for people to become healthier and feel better – it is exciting to see our mission resonating with so many health-oriented people.”

Prior to Simplifast, there was nothing on the market specifically designed for the busy, working consumer, where one did not have to mix, squeeze or take several pills and laxatives, to manage a detox – all making fasting/cleansing a very costly and frustrating endeavor. So many of the concentrated fasting drinks on the market contain toxic preservatives and have an unappealing taste, plus most all lack the important nutrients needed to sustain a fast or replace a meal, leaving people weak and dizzy, and therefore not finishing the program they started.

Toomey adds, “I am hypoglycemic and very health-oriented. Over the years, I have tried every fasting option available on the market and all left me knowing that there had to be a better and more convenient way. From that point forward, Simplifast was born.”

About Simplifast

Simplifast is the world’s first all-natural, ready-to-drink fasting beverage that contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and fiber necessary to support the body and promote detoxification during a fast. Designed for one, three and seven-day fasts, Simplifast is also a great meal replacement and alternative to sugary sports drinks, caffeinated energy drinks and unhealthy snacks and beverages. Simplifast is packaged in 16-ounce bottles and comes in three flavors including Lemon, Strawberry and Blueberry.

Unlike other fasting programs and products, Simplifast contains a powerful combination of all the necessary nutrients needed to support the body and promote detoxification during a fast including: 11 grams of Fiber per serving (44% daily value), pure lemon juice (3-4 fresh lemons in every bottle), pure organic grade B maple syrup, potassium, sodium, vitamin E (50%), vitamin C (100%), vitamin A (50%), vitamin B6 (100%), magnesium (10%), manganese (10%), zinc (10%) and selenium (10%). Simplifast contains no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. It is available online at and at, Earth Fare Markets, Central Market in Texas and in leading supermarkets and supplement shops throughout the U.S and Internationally. For more information, visit our website or