Tranquila Relaxation Shots stocked in Hudson News stores.

Tranquila , the innovator of the Relaxation Shot beverage concept, is now available at 250 locations of the Hudson News airport retail network. Offered as an alternative to refrigerated high calorie/high caffeine beverages, Tranquila-which is sold in convenient, pocket-sized 2 ounce canisters-helps consumers relax with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and nutritional ingredients. The popular relaxation aid is available in daytime and nighttime formulas and has gained a significant consumer following since its 2008 debut, when it helped define the relaxation beverage category.

“We always believed that the airport retail channel could be one of our strongest markets,” commented Serge Karnegie, President of Vitila Brands, developer of Tranquila. “We conducted a two-month test with Hudson News over the summer at New York’s JFK Airport and distributed over 20,000 samples and consumer reaction was overwhelming.”

Marketing surveys reveal that consumers are initially drawn to Tranquila because of innovative product and point of sale packaging. After discovering that Tranquila is free of calories, sugar and carbohydrates, the product quickly appeals to a health-conscious adult that is increasingly less interested in daytime caffeinated beverages. For more information please visit

According to Karnegie, “Tranquila truly speaks to the needs of today’s air traveler. The daytime formula of Tranquila provides a quick calming effect that takes the edge off any stressful situation (such as navigating increased airport security) and Tranquila PM-which includes an all-natural sleeping aid-is perfect for night flights, providing a restful sleep without any of the hangover effects of pills. And because Tranquila is vitamin and nutrient-based, it promotes a healthy immune system.”

“Tranquila is a healthy contemporary beverage that takes on high-stress lives that we all lead. Whether you’re dealing with lines at the airport or lines at the supermarket, Tranquila helps you overcome anxiety and relax,” adds Karnegie. “We are extremely excited to add Hudson News to our roster of over 10,000 retailers and offer the benefits of our relaxation products to the traveling public.”

About Tranquila

Tranquila is a relaxation beverage that combats stress and anxiety. For additional information contact Vitila Brands LLC at (888) 484-8452 or