PRO FOODS Unveils Protein Enhanced Product Portfolio To Market


PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 01, 2010 – PRO FOODS LLC proudly announces today the debut of three new high protein fortified products to market.

PRO H2O is – a refreshing water beverage that is high in protein intended to hydrate while supplementing the body with protein throughout the day. Offering a staggering twenty grams of pure whey protein isolate in a 16 oz. bottle to provide energy and aid in the repair and build of muscle tissue, bones, and cells in the body. With no fat and sugar, it’s a delicious and revitalizing beverage that provides the most protein in a water product on the market today. The PRO H20 beverages carry the look and feel of water, while exhibiting the refreshing taste of popular juices on the market today. It is currently available in two great tasting flavors, Kiwi Strawberry and Black Cherry.

PRO ADE is a high protein sports beverage that is designed to rehydrate and replenish the body with lost nutrients that athletes lose during active workouts. Formulated to include electrolytes of sodium and potassium, carbohydrates, protein, and other essential nutrients that aid in rapid body recovery. Remarkably, PRO ADE has the highest concentration of whey protein isolate offered in any sports drink on the market today. Each flavor, Orange and Fruit Punch, offers twenty-two grams of pure whey protein isolate in a 16 oz. bottle. Both beverages help rehydrate, replenish, and rebuild the body during your most demanding physical activity.

PRO CREAM is the world’s first performance ice cream. With patented revolutionary recipes that provide health enthusiasts and athletes with the great taste of classic ice cream combined with premium performance supplements. Composed with high quality ingredients, PRO CREAM is the original recipe and foundation that has made the brand successful. The blueprint formula is blended with vitamins, minerals, and a combination of three different proteins of milk, whey, and eggs flavor that are not found in other high-protein supplement products. PRO CREAM flavors include Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate; all helping to add natural muscle growth.

All three products will be available at major retailers, independent retailers, gyms, and hospitals nationwide.

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