ávitae caffeinated water Announces Massive Eight State Distributor Network Partnership Formation

March 16, 2010, Dublin, OH – Vitality Distributing, the maker of ávitae caffeinated water, has entered agreements with 20 new distributors that will entrench ávitae firmly through the most reputable retailers in the Midwest.

ávitae has partnered with Buckeye Distributing, Miller of SE, and Ohio Wine & Beverage for coverage through Ohio. Central Beverage and Earl Gaudio & Sons through Illinois, Kent Beverage, Canada Dry of Lansing, Earl Smith, Griffin Beverage, Intrastate Distributors, and Paw Paw Wine in Michigan. Twin City Beverage through Minnesota and western Wisconsin. General Beverage Milwaukee in Wisconsin. Pure Beverage, DeKalb Distributing, Terborg Distributing, and RC Evansville in Indiana. Kentucky Eagle and Perry Distributors in Kentucky. Capitol Beverage and Steel City Distributors in West Virginia.

The new partnerships are key for the expansion of ávitae’s reach as the product will now be featured extensively through the major DMA’s of Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis.which range in population from just under 200,000 to as many as 2.853 million.

“Our primary goal in aligning distributors for ávitae was to pick distribution partners who not only saw the long term potential of avitae, but who also would be willing to grow the brand with us and make its success a priority” says Brian Pitzer, Vitality Distributing CEO. “We have been truly blessed to come out of our search with such a great group of partners. I have little doubt that with their help and backing that everyone who encounters ávitae will fall in love with it.”

About Vitality Distributing:

Vitality Distributing Inc., a Dublin, Ohio-based company, has launched a new beverage called ávitae, from the latin word vitae meaning life. ávitae is a new beverage category, caffeinated water, and offers drinkers a dramatically different enjoyment level that provides the boost they want without anything they don’t. ávitae has no artificial ingredients, no sugar, no calories, and is a colorless beverage that has the same refreshing taste as purified water and contains about as much caffeine as a diet soft drink. For current information on ávitae including where it can be purchased, please visit www.avitae45.com. You can also follow ávitae on Twitter at @avitae45 and on Facebook.