Eternity Beverages Introduces INTO2 Energy

May, 2010 (Miami Beach, FL) — Eternity Beverages, LLC announces the launch of INTO2 ENERGY DRINK. Already well received and available in South Florida’s top nightlife, entertainment and retail locations INTO2 ENERGY DRINK is rapidly expanding to additional markets throughout the state of Florida. Not just a run of the mill energy drink, INTO2 Energy DRINK combines technological advances with flare and sophistication, providing the consumer with the best energy drink on the market.

With attention to detail from the vitamins infused in the drink to the packaging it is delivered in, INTO2 ENERGY DRINK prides itself on the quality of its product and its ingredients. Working with international master mixologists, the INTO experience starts with the water purification and pasteurization. Fresh from the Austrian Alps, the water is boiled to remove all toxins, infused with purest European vitamins forever raising the bar on the quality energy drink process. In an effort to provide the best taste and most pure and refreshing energy drink, INTO2 ENERGY DRINK differs from the competition by capping the carbonation in its product. While most energy drinks contain approximately 20% carbonation, INTO2 maintains only 2% carbonation providing no energy drink after taste which is sure to be noticeable by the most discerning patrons.

Distributed by Southern Wine & Spirits and available in three flavors: Pure, Sugarfree, and Cranberry, INTO2 ENERGY DRINK is poised to outperform the competition by bringing a more drinkable energy beverage to the market. Jim Amstutz, CEO of INTO2, brings 15 years of experience in the beverage industry with an emphasis on sales, marketing, finance and brand building to his newest venture. Understanding the need for versatility in an energy drink, Jim ensures INTO2 ENERGY DRINK offers mixing capabilities with all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for first-class flavor and satisfaction. “With INTO2 ENERGY DRINK we are creating more than just your average energy drink, INTO2 is an enjoyable beverage that offers smooth refreshing tastes, with an energy kick” says Amstutz.

Unlike most energy drink companies that position themselves with various extreme sports, INTO2 ENERGY DRINK is aligning its products with premium like-minded lifestyle brands in the music, fashion, arts and entertainment arenas. INTO2 ENERGY’s position as the exclusive product at Opium Group Clubs- Mansion, Set, Louis, Mokai, Cameo, and Opium at the Seminole Hard Rock- has made it a staple within the South Florida nightlife scene. Celebrity partygoers such as P Diddy, David Guetta, and Kelly Bensimon have already been seen getting “INTO It.”

INTO2 Energy DRINK is available at select retail outlets across the South Florida and at top nightlife venues. For more information on INTO ENERGY DRINK visit: