underWAY Now Available at Bartell Drugs in Washington State

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 3 /PRNewswire/ — This month, the trailblazing company whose Smart for Life cookie diet products have become the fastest-growing weight management company in North America now introduces underWAY(TM) – a scientifically formulated, appetite-suppressing line of great-tasting healthy beverages. Better Health Beverage is proud to announce that underWAY, in 2 delicious flavors, is now available in Bartell Drugs locations in 57 Puget Sound neighborhoods in Washington.

Co-host of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars celebrity and “momtrepreneur” Brooke Burke was named brand spokesperson by underWAY(TM). “I am proud to align myself with a product that provides the first real solution to a common problem faced by everyone – hunger pangs,” said Brooke Burke. “As a busy mother of four children with a hectic work schedule, I try to eat healthy and maintain energy and underWAY gives me an easily portable solution to keep me feeling full through to my next healthy meal or snack.”

“We’re excited to launch underWAY in a market where Bartell Drugs remains a leader in serving the community,” said Richard Kayne, COO of Better Health Beverage. “In addition, to support our product launch with Bartell Drugs, a TV media campaign is currently running in the Seattle Metropolitan area to help support the trial and traffic for Bartell Drugs.”

underWAY’s key ingredient HeroFiber(TM) was developed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi (Dr. Sass), M.D., a Board-Certified Bariatric Physician and graduate of University of Toronto and McGill University, who has dedicated his life’s work to finding easily palatable solutions to help Americans curb their hunger. HeroFiber helps to fill the stomach and reduce hunger pains, allowing dieters to consume less. In addition to all the healthy appetite-suppressing fiber in every 16oz. naturally flavored underWAY bottle, the two all-natural flavors – Acai-Pomegranate and Orange – have consumers raving about the taste. With a mere 10 (low glycemic) calories per serving, and no hidden sugars, sodium or caffeine, underWAY(TM) is truly the healthy way to put hunger on hold.

Bartell Drugs is the oldest family-owned drugstore chain in the nation. Today, all of the company’s 57 stores are located in Puget Sound neighborhoods. Bartell Drugs believes that the primary reason for its success and longevity (more than 100 years) is encompassed in their basic philosophy of doing business. Bartell provides customers with the best possible selection of quality merchandise and friendly, courteous service at competitive prices.