Maine’s Newest Soda Company, Green Bee Announces Launch of Lemon Sting Soda

BRUNSWICK, MAINE(June 24, 2010) –Green Bee announces the premiere launch of its new soda flavor Lemon Sting. Lemon Sting is handcrafted with Maine wildflower honey, lemon juice, and rosemary. It is an all natural, Made In Maine soda designed to be the ultimate thirst quencher. Lemon Sting is now available for delivery in single 12 ounce glass bottles and 24 bottle cases.

 Green Bee is Maine’s newest soda company that is introducing exciting new sodas sweetened with all natural Maine wildflower honey. It is also the first soda company ever to exclusively source its sweeteners from local sustainable resources.

 “We’re using Honey, one of Maine’s untapped sustainable resources to deliver a healthy alternative to mass produced soda.” says Green Bee founder, Christopher Kinkade. “Its time for people to put down their sugar water. Green Bee offers a better way to soda.”

 Honey has many documented health benefits relative to the sugar sweeteners used by the mainstream soda industry. According to renowned honey scientist Ronald Fessenden, M.D., A.P.H. “Honey is more that just a sweetener. It is a wonderful natural, historic food containing secrets that have been hidden or ignored for too long in the United States.”

 About Green Bee

 Green Bee is a small soda company dedicated to handcrafting delicious, healthy soda with all natural Maine honey, natural flavors and botanicals. Look for Green Bee soda in natural food stores, fine restaurants, leading supermarkets, gourmet shops and fine pubs. Green Bee Soda is handcrafted and bottled by Belle Fete, LLC in Brunswick, Maine.

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