Apache Brings Purple Stuff Into Mexico

MEXICO CITY, June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Apache Brands has added The youth premium temperance drink Superliminal Purple Stuff to its product portfolio as the master distributor for the country of Mexico. Apache Brands has completed its test market in 30 outlets that are store influencers in the Mexico City zone.

Fernando Gomez Pimiienta , one of the owners of Apache Brands, Inc. stated, “the product immediately started rotating at 2-3 cases per week of each of three flavors per store without any advertising; other than mentioning it once on the Texas Facebook site of mypurplestuff.com.

We are extremely selective in the brands that we decide to build and distribute in our market. We have followed the relaxation category for the past year and have been waiting for a brand to separate from the pack and that had a message that would resonate with the youth in Mexico that drink so much soda with HFCS, high calories, and no nutrition.

Purple Stuff and its great tasting flavors, is low in calories, has a full day of B-Vitamins and is free of HFCS and met our health standards.

The story of a relaxation drink that reduces nervousness and increases attention span, while always being Purple, was a huge hit on Facebook in Mexico. The one posting on the Facebook wall added 6,000 kids writing in Spanish to the Texas company which had to stop postings until they had Purple Stuff in more stores and they caught up on their Spanish POS and had a bi-lingual web site.

We now have widespread authorizations in most of our major chains and larger independents.

With authorizations in Premium supermarket chains such as Superama (Wal-Mart, Mexico), we will have a big format to take national because it is selling very well, delivering some amazing numbers.

This new generation of Mexican children will have less diabetes and obesity because the dietary change we will make by getting our children to drink Purple Stuff in place of other CSD is something we can do with this soda line.

The Mexican government has stricter regulations than the FDA, and the fact that Purple Stuff uses only 100% FDA GRAS ingredients and did not cause drowsiness but calmed kids down allowed us to import this wonderful brand which is healthier than other sodas into our beautiful country. The fact that it makes children smile and laugh is just another blessing for us.”

Apache Brands, Inc. is a company formed by former FEMSA (Coca-Cola of Mexico) executives as a brand incubator, builder and distributor. A partial list of their non alcohol brands are Zico coconut water, Muscle Milk, Sweet Leaf teas, Adina, Voss waters, 28 Black, Pop Chips, and GNU sticks. The company also has an alcohol division.

Funktional Beverages, Inc. – Based in Tomball, Texas is the top selling relaxation drink in North America and the rare one that sees the market as anti-anxiety and not anti-energy. The top performing brand is not tied to the Hip Hop community of other brands that are nutritional supplements. Purple Stuff … is just better soda and is not intended to cause anything other than healthy dietary changes without losing the awesome flavors of the main stream beverages.

Other FBI brands include Superliminal Purple Stuff shots and Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff. Funktional Beverages, Inc. also works with private label manufacturing.