Basketball Phenom Tyreke Evans Takes Refreshing Dunk With VBlast In New National Ad Campaign

2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Stars in National Television Spot for New Vitamin-Enhanced Water Brand

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Sacramento Kings point guard Tyreke Evans officially premiered his first nationwide television commercial for VBlast, a new vitamin-enhanced water line.  In the 30-second spot (, premiering in the New York market this month and nationally in September, the graceful and powerful ball-handling maneuvers of the company’s first athlete endorser are majestically captured as Evans unleashes his lethal crossover.

With original music by 23, the commercial takes on the feel of a high-end music video incorporating the freshest sounds and technology.  Director Charles Nordeen and Light of Day Production studio partnered to shoot and produce the spot using a combination of analogue and digital technology that play up Evans’ slick and powerful slow-motion ball-handling moves as a metaphor for how VBlast’s vitamins are released into the water with the twist of its cap.

VBlast, a fresh new addition to the refrigerator cases of convenience stores across the country, provides a refreshing surprise when consumers turn the cap to see liquid vitamins splash into their water. When the hidden treat under the cap unites with the crisp mountain spring water, the color changes and flavor bursts, while fresh vitamins permeate the water providing maximum vitamin effectiveness.

“When we sought to find a synergistic celebrity partner for VBlast, we looked for someone who exemplified the same characteristics of our brand

— young, fresh, unique and powerful,” said Richard Zakka, Chief Executive Officer of New York Spring Water, makers of VBlast. “As one of the hottest young professional basketball stars, recognized in 2010 for his standout rookie year performance, Tyreke is a powerful force on the court, but also a fresh face to many Americans. This makes him the ideal partner for us to launch and promote VBlast long-term.”

“When I saw the finished commercial I was blown away.  After hours on set with the VBlast team and the crew — working to perfect every step, dribble, slam and sip — it is exciting to see it all come to life,” said Tyreke Evans. “The commercial is just as fresh as the VBlast water it represents and I am proud to have been part of it.”

VBlast was created to combat the flaw in the old way of providing consumers with a vitamin boost in their water, that was to add vitamins prior to a lengthy shipping process and are exposed to heat and sunlight, conditions which ultimately diminish the effectiveness of the vitamins. As such, New York Spring Water set out to find a way to keep vitamin-infused waters fresh and fully effective. The result of their work is a patented reservoir cap, which holds liquid vitamins separate from the water, and out of sunlight, until the consumer is ready to unleash them.

“We worked tirelessly to find a way to provide a great-tasting, vitamin-enhanced water that truly provides consumers with the vitamin boost they are seeking,” said Zakka, “We are honored that stores across America are choosing to add VBlast to their lineup beverages, enabling us to offer consumers nationwide a fresh way to hydrate.

With a twist of the cap, fresh, flavorful vitamins flow into the water creating one of eight refreshing flavors of VBlast: Acai & Berry, Grape, Green Tea, Orange, Peach Tea, Pomegranate-Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, and Wild Berry. VBlast provides great taste and fully-effective vitamins to supply the maximum vitamin boost, while remaining calorie-free, carb-free and sugar-free.  Visit, follow VBlast on Twitter at @VBlast and join the conversation on Facebook at for new product information, company updates, and contests.