Cobá’s Organic Agave Sweetened Aguas Frescas Get Unveiled at Expo West

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles based start-up beverage company Cobá unveiled their completely revamped brand at the Natural Products Expo West and took home the sought after award of Top 5 Beverage Products at this national showcase. With thousands of exhibitors at Expo West, it is obvious that Cobá’s authentic approach to aguas frescas were well received along with its new packaging changes. 

Influenced by family recipes, the Cobá founders pride themselves on their authentic approach to aguas frescas and in using all natural ingredients.  Cobá still brings to you Guayaba (guava berry), Jamaica (hibiscus), Mango and Tamarindo (tamarind).  With these ingredients Cobá offers an exciting rush of robust flavors for those seeking a nice palette quencher.  The exotic spin on what the founders refer to as a “juice water” hybrid takes this drink to another level of individuality.  Inspired by the customary Mexican vitroleros, Cobá’s new barrel-shaped bottle captures the mini version of these iconic beverage pitchers, truly transforming it to one of the first authentic and ready-to-drink aguas frescas in the market today.

With this rebranding initiative, Cobá was able to genuinely embody the idea our Meso-American forefathers had centuries ago using all-natural ingredients and sweetening aguas frescas with agave nectar to bring a powerful punch to the Natural Foods Expo West.  With one of the top rankings in the Best Food and Beverage Products category, Cobás new image exemplifies its originality, authenticity and sabor!

Cobá’s branding successfully meshes generations of times past with the today. In a health conscious consumer market, founders Arnulfo Ventura and José Domene are hoping their all natural and authentic approach to aguas frescas will continue to be well received.  CEO, Ventura states:

“Prior to launching Cobá essentially we were in the discovery phase of our growth trajectory.  We now feel we have the right product/market fit and it’s time to step on the accelerator and efficiently deploy shareholder capital.  In addition, we aim to increase our marketing efforts and utilize our office space along the DTLA Art Walk to feature local Latino artists, musicians, designers, etc.”   

Coba’s exotic flavors, all natural ingredients and true interpretation of aguas frescas bring a seasoned yet rejuvenated refreshment to the masses.

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