Cocaine Energy, Now In Shot Format

Las Vegas, NV (May 27, 2011) – Today, REDUX BEVERAGES LLC, makers of the deliciously notorious COCAINE ENERGY DRINK, launches a new high-caffeine energy shot in the COCAINE ENERGY line.

The Cocaine Energy Shot, the product of an intensive two-year development schedule, is a sugar-free shot that contains a whopping 280 MG of caffeine per dose. Our formulation mitigates the undesirable effects of that hefty caffeine content–such as heart palpitations and jitters–via the inclusion of d-ribose, a balancing amino acid. The shot has an appealing cherry flavor that’s devoid of the strong medicinal taste of its competitors (such as 5-Hour Energy) while providing even better, more consistent all-day energy. The product is defined as a dietary supplement according to FDA guidelines and meets all state and federal regulations for dietary supplements.

The Cocaine Energy Shot is an all-American premium product. It is made n the United States, using only premium supplements and ingredients.

The original Cocaine Energy Drink is considered one of fastest globally branded products in history, in great part due to the nearly forty million dollars of free television advertising generated within the first six months of operations (which resulted in near-instant worldwide notoriety for both Redux Beverages and the drink itself.) In the first 120 days after launch, Cocaine Energy sold over 4.5 million dollars of product in the United States. Now, the original Cocaine Energy Drink is sold in nearly two dozen countries around the world.

Redux founder Jamey Kirby intends to repeat that stellar performance with the Cocaine Energy shot. “We see the opportunity to capture a significant portion of the 5-Hour Energy market,” he explains, “just as Monster Energy has captured nearly 50% of the Red Bull market in the United States.”

“The original drink and the new shot serve different markets,” explains Kirby, “which gives us even more traction. The original Cocaine Energy Drink targets the youth consumer, with a key demographic of ages 15 – 25; the Cocaine Energy Shot targets a more mature, health-conscious consumer from age 25 onward.”

“We’ve made no compromises,” Kirby continues. “This product fills a vital white space in the energy shot sphere, as it hasn’t sidelined taste for
effectiveness. I’m confident that we’ve made the Cocaine Energy Shot the tastiest, most effective energy shot on the market.”

Kirby’s goals for the Cocaine Energy Shot are clear. “In 2010, the US energy shot market was one billion dollars,” he notes. “It’s expected to grow by more than 20% in 2011. We will capture a significant portion with this offering.”

The shot is available both in stores and online at

Redux Beverages’ executive team includes Founder/President Jamey Kirby, Executive Vice President Raymond Herrera, Chief Financial Officer Hannah Kirby and Chief Operating Officer Travis Dahmen. For more information, please visit