Hawaiian Springs Water Debuts New Look, Raising Awareness for Company’s Conservation Program

Bottle Labels Feature New “Preserving Paradise” Logo, Hawaiian Springs’ Initiative Protecting Indigenous Hawaiian Flora and Fauna

New Bottles On Shelves in Hawaii, U.S. Mainland, Canada and Asia

HONOLULU — Hawaii-based premium natural water company Hawaiian Springs, LLC, announced its bottles will bear the emblem for Preserving Paradise, the conservation initiative the company launched this spring. Under the Preserving Paradise initiative, Hawaiian Springs Young Natural Artesian Water will dedicate a portion of its sales to supporting Hawaii’s environmental organizations to protect the Islands’ fragile and unique ecosystem, particularly endangered native flora and fauna.

“We have always strived to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible way—our water is drawn from a highly renewable source and we use local materials wherever possible.  Preserving Paradise is a way to give special focus to conserving Hawaii’s threatened species,” says Rick Hadley, Chairman and CEO of Hawaiian Springs. “By investing in new label designs that call attention to Hawaii’s amazing biodiversity, we hope the consumers will join us in safeguarding the natural splendor of the Islands.”

The first major project funded by Preserving Paradise was completed in late May in partnership with the Hawaii Plant Extinction Prevention Program (PEP) to save the last remaining wild nanu (Gardenia brighamii) on Oahu—one of fewer than 20 wild specimens in the state. Hawaiian Springs donated nearly $3,000 for materials and helicopter delivery to the plant’s site deep in the Waianae Mountains.

Hawaiian Springs also regularly sponsors beach cleanups with Friends of Hanauma Bay, contributes to the Nature Conservancy in Hawaii and supports Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

The company’s single-serving sized (330mL, 500 mL, 750mL, 1L and 1.5L) Preserving Paradise bottles are on shelves now in Hawaii, and on their way to markets in the U.S. mainland, Canada and Asia.

About Hawaiian Springs

Hawaiian Springs began bottling its young, natural, artesian water in February 1995. Drawn from a highly sustainable artesian aquifer at the base of Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaiian Springs bottles its water directly from the source within 30 days of falling as Arctic rain. Hawaiian Springs is one of the finest natural waters available today, with a distinctive, slightly sweet taste and delivering a moment of what makes Hawaii special.

Hawaiian Springs is available throughout the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the U.S. mainland, Canada and Asia, at leading supermarkets and natural food retailers such as Lucky’s, Bristol Farms, Raley’s, BelAir, Nob Hill Foods, Henry’s Farmers Market, Gelson’s Markets, Mollie Stone’s, Mother’s Market, SaveMart, Sprouts Farmers Market, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers and Whole Foods. A store locator and webstore are available at www.HawaiianSpringsWater.com/blog/products.

For additional information, visit www.HawaiianSpringsWater.com, like the company at www.facebook.com/HawaiianSprings, or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/HawaiianSprings.