Mamma Chia, First-to-Market Chia Seed Beverage, Announces National Distribution with UNFI

Bonsall, CA (June 22, 2011) — Mamma Chia, the first ready-to-drink, organic chia seed beverage, announced today the national expansion of its distribution through UNFI (United Natural Foods), a leading national distributor of natural foods and beverages. This new agreement will make Mamma Chia available to thousands of retailers nationwide.

“We are delighted to share the magic of Mamma Chia with consumers nationwide at all types of retail stores, from independent local grocers and co-ops, to the leading natural grocery chains,” said founder and CEO Janie Hoffman.

Mamma Chia brings an entirely new drinking and nutritional experience to consumers. Mamma Chia vitality beverage delivers energy and strength in the form of tiny, nutrient-rich whole chia seeds, which are beautifully suspended in four delicious lightly sweetened, ruby-hued flavors: Cherry Lime, Blackberry Hibiscus, Raspberry Passion and Cranberry Lemonade (MSRP $3.49-$3.99, 10 ounces).

Chia is the ancient Mayan word for “strength,” and chia seeds are packed with some of the world’s most life-enhancing and sustaining nutrients. Each bottle of Mamma Chia delivers an impressive
2,000 mg of omega-3s, as well as 10 grams of fiber, 33 mg of calcium,  4 grams of protein and is high in antioxidants. All four refreshing Mamma Chia flavors are certified organic, vegan and gluten free, with only 110 calories per 10 ounce bottle. Each bottle of Mamma Chia is delicately sweetened with less than one tablespoon of organic agave nectar.

Mamma Chia delivers vitality in a fun-to-drink, unique experience. The natural gel around the chia seeds creates a fun and refreshing experience, making it like nothing else on the market. “Rarely is something this delicious also so good for you,” says company founder Janie Hoffman. She also shares that customers rave about enjoying Mamma Chia as a great pre-workout energizer, an afternoon energy booster, a light and satisfying substitute for dessert, and even a great drink with lunch.

About Chia Seeds

Chia seeds come from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, a member of the mint family that grows in North, Central and South America, where the seeds have been part of the human diet since 3,000 B.C. The “running people” of Tarahumara, Mexico, who run 50 or 100 miles at a time – seemingly for pure enjoyment – attribute their endurance to chia seeds.

Chia seeds are the earth’s richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds also contain more dietary fiber than flax, and, unlike flax seeds, do not need to be ground in order for the body to absorb the nutritional benefits. Additionally, they are packed full of protein, calcium, magnesium and are high in antioxidants, making them a true superfood.

Mamma Chia is available in the refrigerated section at hundreds of natural foods stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts and many other markets. Mamma Chia is a socially responsible company that donates 1% of its gross sales to support healthy, local food systems and is a member of 1% for the Planet. For more information, go to or join the lively Facebook community of Mamma Chia fans at, or follow Mamma Chia on Twitter @MammaChia1.

About Mamma Chia’s Founder

Several years ago, Mamma Chia founder Janie Hoffman began a quest to find a diet to address some health challenges. Along the way, she fell in love with the magic of chia, a tiny seed used by both Mayans and Aztecs for its amazing energy and natural healing powers. Janie found chia so energizing and versatile that her friends and family were hard pressed to find anything in her kitchen that wasn’t laden with chia. But it was Janie’s chia beverages that everyone loved the most. One thing led to another, and Mamma Chia was soon born. It is Janie’s hope that Mamma Chia’s enjoyable drinking experience and exceptional nutrients, along with the company’s social mission, will make a meaningful contribution to the planet and its people.

About United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods, Inc. ( carries and distributes more than 60,000 products to more than 23,000 customer locations throughout the United States and Canada. The Company serves a wide variety of retail formats including conventional supermarket chains, natural product superstores, independent retail operators and the food service channel. United Natural Foods, Inc. was ranked by Forbes in 2005 as one of the “Best Managed Companies in America,” ranked by Fortune in 2006 – 2010 as one of its “Most Admired Companies,” winner of the Supermarket News 2008 Sustainability Excellence Award, and recognized by the Nutrition Business Journal for its 2009 Environment and Sustainability Award.