Mondo Brands Launches A Comprehensive Line of Health and Wellness Shot Drinks

(MASSAPEQUA, NY) September 1, 2011 – Today, Mondo Brands, proudly announced the official launch of a new line of health and wellness shot drinks. The product line includes products named AgeLess™, StressLess™ and WeighLess™.

AgeLess™ is the first anti-aging wellness shot of its kind. Supercharged with Resveratrol (well known for its anti-aging properties) and loaded with antioxidants and B vitamins for sustained energy, AgeLess combats the effects of stress and aging while protecting cells and promoting total body health. In addition to Trans-Resveratrol, the unique blend of anti-aging ingredients contained in AgeLess will help to slow down the signs of aging both inside and out. With zero calories, carbs, sugars and caffeine it is easy to make this part of a daily health and wellness routine.

Stress and anxiety are common side effects of trying to cram more activities into fewer hours. StressLess is great for easing tension and helping to create a feeling of calmness anytime during the day. The unique blend of ingredients with no caffeine, sugar, carbs or calories helps to ease tension and promote relaxation and well-being. When taken at night, you will wake feeling refreshed and renewed and ready to face the possibilities of a new day. StressLess™ contains a natural blend of herbs and amino acids that have been proven, in published clinical trials to naturally combat stress and anxiety, while improving mood and enhancing mental focus, all while fighting off free radicals.

For most people the key to weight management is learning to balance diet and exercise while reducing hunger and controlling cravings. Losing weight is hard, and it’s a lifestyle choice. WeighLess™ has been formulated to provide sustained energy while supporting weight loss goals. Loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants such as Trans-Resveratrol, and containing zero sugar, zero carbs and zero calories WeighLess can help you gain control over cravings and hunger, allowing you to slim down and feel healthy.

“This is the first solution based lineup of wellness shots available on the market today that looks to address everyday common concerns like combating the effects of aging, stress management and weight control. We are excited that even at this early stage of availability retailers and distributors alike have recognized the value of such a product line for the health conscious consumer,” stated William Votta, President.

About Mondo Brands

Mondo Brands, LLC (DBA Mondo Brands USA) is a provider of energy shots and health and wellness products. As a company, Mondo Brands wants to make a positive difference in the lives of consumers, by supporting active, healthy living. Healthy living is not just about keeping your body free from disease. An active, healthy lifestyle includes making sensible, balanced choices about your overall diet, exercise habits, beauty routines and stress management. Mondo Brands’ energy and wellness products including TorqueNRG+™, AgeLess™, StressLess™ and WeighLess™ have each been formulated to address these specific needs.