Special BevNET Price for Financing Natural Products Seminar Dec. 15

The Natural Products Consulting Institute announces a comprehensive seminar and networking event with expert speakers to provide entrepreneurs and executives an in-depth understanding of what it takes to raise capital.  Led by industry veterans Bob Burke & Michael Burgmaier, the seminar de-mystifies capital-raising terms and provides insights to improve odds for successfully obtaining necessary financing. In addition, attendees will hear directly from industry-leading entrepreneurs who raised equity capital, venture capital/private equity investors, an angel investor, an investment banker and other industry experts.

To learn more about the seminar and register, please click here. Space is limited.

NOTE: Use the code BEVNET to get early bird discount through December 7

Topics include:

  • Determining my financing needs
  • What is the best source of capital to align with my needs?
  • What’s the game plan for my business and my time horizon?
  • Finding early-stage capital
  • Demystifying valuation
  • Angel, Venture Capital and Private Equity Financing
  • Socially-responsible Capital: Right for me? Where to find
  • Anatomy of a term sheet
  • What to expect when working with a VC
  • Role of an investment banker
  • Materials (business plan, sample presentation, financials)
  • Creating value
  • Positioning for exit

Additional expert speakers include:

•      Entrepreneurs Who Have Successfully Raised Capital

o      Mike Adair, Founder and CEO of Red’s All Natural (angel funded)

o      John Pepper, co-founder/ CEO of Boloco, a 17-unit fast-casual restaurant chain (funded by Winona Capital); founding investor and board member of b.good

•      Investors/Debt Sources

o      Keith Kohler, President, The K2 Group LLC, (Debt financing options)

o      Scott Roman, Senior Associate, Sherbrooke Capital (funded FoodShouldTasteGood, Immaculate Baking, Adina for Life, Izze Beverage, Ciao Bella, Oregon Chai, Angie’s Kettle Corn and more)

o      Bruce Nierenberg, Founding Investor/Board of Directors, Vitamin Water (Glaceau); founder B.I.N. Sales & Marketing; Founding Partner, Organic Brands LLC; experienced angel investor

o      Andrew Whitman, Managing Partner, 2x Consumer Product Growth Partners
(funded gDiapers, Orabrush, Tasty Bite and more)


Michael Burgmaier is an investment banker with Silverwood Partners where he leads M&A and private placement transactions in the food & beverage/consumer products sectors.  He has raised capital for numerous companies and clients, written business plans, prepared fundraising materials, facilitated exits and served on boards of venture-backed companies. He has an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.  Contact Mike at 508-720-3410 or mburgmaier@silverwoodpartners.com.

Bob Burke is co-author of The Natural Products Field Manual and The Sales Manager’s Handbook. He is a consultant who specializes in bringing natural, organic and specialty products to market across all channels since 1998 and former VP of Sales and Corporate Development at Stonyfield Farm. He has prepared numerous business plans, assisted in fund raising, advised clients on growth and exit strategies and has helped a number of companies reach a successful exit. He serves on the board of directors of Stonyfield Farm, EcoFish, Nutrabella, and American Halal. He has an MBA from Babson College. For more info, please see: www.NaturalConsulting.com.

This seminar is sponsored by Silverwood Partners, Ignite Sales Management, Investors’ Circle, MEI Trade Insight, Nutrition Capital Network, Pure Branding and The Volkman Group.