The Buzz Builds for Hi*T at Sampling Events and in the Washington Post’s Capital Business

Organic Hemp Ice Tea Brand Gaining Momentum with Distributor Announcements, Media Coverage and Sampling Event at University of Maryland

WASHINGTON, DC – OCT. 19, 2011 – It’s been a good two weeks for Hi*T, GLOBAL LLC makers of HI*T, the worlds finest and most refreshing certified organic hemp tea beverage.  The buzz started when Hi*T announced that B.K. Miller Master Distributors will be distributing the product to more than 4,000 outlets in the Capital Region.  The buzz grew when the brand hosted a successful sampling event in partnership with Krazy Kebob at the University of Maryland.  And finally, the media picked up on the buzz when the organic beverage company was profiled in both the Washington Business Journal and the Washington Post’s Capital Business.

On October 13, before thousands of people learned about the new brand from the media, in spite of tornado sirens warning more than 400 brave and crazy Univ. of Marland TERPS stood in line to “freely” SIP A HIT of Hi*T and get a scrumptious wrap at Krazi Kebob’s one year anniversary celebration.  The popular local radio station, 95.5 WPGC broadcast live and Bernard “Bear” Brooks AKA Young DJ Music rocked the mic with sounds that made College Park the place to be.  One lucky student even scored a year’s supply of Hi*T.

About Hi*T

Hi*T, developed by Amsterdam-based international businessman Paul Tisera is expected to highly benefit from the promotional, marketing and management expertise of Rock Newman, know best as the man who guided Riddick Bowe to the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship of Boxing.  Newman discovered the drink on a trip to Bermuda where he was hosting Alicia Keys and Beyonce as performers at the 2008 Bermuda Music Festival of which he was the Executive Producer.

Hi*T, the original USDA certified organic hemp beverage is manufactured and marketed by Hi*T GLOBAL, LLC.  It’s experienced executive team includes; world-renowned entrepreneur and humanitarian Rock Newman (;  international beverage industry entrepreneur Paul Tisera; Entrepreneurial Restaurateur Bernard E. Brooks, Jr., and Public Relations/Sports Marketing guru Howard Dolgon.  For additional information visit

Here are a few little known facts about hemp (for more visit

  • The oldest relic of human industry is hemp fabric dating back to 8,000 BC
  • The ancient Hebrews used holy anointing oils made of hemp seed to anoint priest, Kings and Prophets
  • Unlike cotton and other fibers, hemp requires no pesticides and grows everywhere
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers
  • The Declaration of Independence is printed on hemp paper.

The active ingredients in Hi*T are; Water, Hemp Seed Syrup* (4.3%) (Cane Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Acidifier: Citric Acid), Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Extract of Green Tea (0.08%), Extract of Black Tea (0.06%), Antioxidant: L-Ascorbic Acid. Pasteurized from Organic farming.  Hi*T will not produce a positive result for THC in blood, urine or hair tests.