“The Hangover” Recovery Shot Gains Placement At 7-11 Nationwide

The nations #1 hangover recovery shot and the official licensed product  for the movie “The Hangover” has officially gained placement into up to 3,000 7-11 stores nationally!

Operations directors Shawn Adamson & Mike Jaynes stated that this is a huge achievement for Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go the manufacture of “The Hangover” Recovery Shot!  We are the leaders in the functional lifestyle beverage category said Adamson and adding all these 7-11 stores to our brand really helps us continue to grow the brand throughout the USA!

The brand is really on fire added Jaynes, we are been picking up national authorizations and 7-11 is a huge achievement for the brand.  “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is designed to be used in the morning after a night of consuming alcohol.

The branding of this product is excellent, everyone knows these movies and we have really seen a spike since the release of the Hangover 2 on DVD and blue ray this month in store sales.  This really cannot come at a better time being in the middle of the holiday season.

7-11 is one of the largest convenience store chains in North America and its really a huge nod to the brand to be on their counters nationwide.  We really see this category growing, its very exciting. The more people seeing and using the brand the more success we are having.

Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go has a very large social media presence and I think this also is a key factor to the continued growth of the brand added Adamson.  People love this product and with our partnership with Warner Brothers its really a match made in heaven.  They have the largest selling movies about hangovers and we have the number one hangover recovery shot in the USA.  This co-branding works for both companies, it’s really natural marriage.

What makes us appeal is a few different things, first the product really works and consumers are buying it over and over again. The second thing is that it’s totally functional and fits a lifestyle, really no one thinks about fixing their hangover till they have one and that’s really where the brand becomes so functional. The worst hangover is the one you didn’t expect on a morning you have to do stuff,” said Adamson.

The consumer also can really relate to the brand. It’s a fun brand and that’s what we are doing with it having fun, it’s great watching it grow said Jaynes. “The Hangover” Recovery shot is available now around the country in 7-11 stores!   Our slogan is to Get It & Get Over It and now you can do this by going to your local 7-11 store.  The product really sells very well because so many stores are selling alcohol and then here is “The Hangover” Recovery Shot  the answer to your morning relief right on the counters, its a no brainer.