Bai Brands Launches New Limu Lemonade Flavor

PRINCETON, N.J. (Sept 27, 2012 ) – A classic summertime favorite joins the bai5 family of exotic, refreshing Antioxidant Infusions™. Just in time for autumn outdoor fun, BAI Brands, LLC introduces its first lemonade, bai5 Limu Lemonade, a thirst-quenching beverage packed with astonishing great taste, not sugar. Bai Brands enters a marketplace crowded with lemonades of every variety with a 5-calorie version that delivers superior taste, complete hydration, the antioxidant benefits of coffeefruit plus the gentle lift of 35 milligrams of natural caffeine. It’s a stand-out combination that will give Limu Lemonade an impressive slice of the growing lemonade segment of the beverage industry.

According to Symphony/IRI Group, a leading market research firm, consumer demand for lemonade drove sales of single serving bottles of the beverage to $154 million in 2012, up 11.3 percent from 2010. Low-calorie, low-sugar Limu Lemonade, the eighth Antioxidant Infusion in the bai5 line-up, is poised to take its fair share of the burgeoning lemonade market with its100% natural, cool-in-the-shade drink.

“We’ve proven we do low-calorie better than anyone,” says Ben Weiss, Founder of BAI Brands, LLC and creator of bai5 Antioxidant Infusions. “There are functional lemonades on the market but they carry a higher calorie count. We’ve achieved 5-calories with great taste in a segment of the market that’s exploding.”

The newest bai5 is sweetened with Organic Stevia and all-natural Erythritol, which together measure as only one gram of sugar. In addition to being low-glycemic, Limu Lemonade is Kosher, vegan, gluten- and soy-free. The tantalizing drinks are made with all-natural lemon juice and infused with coffeefruit extract. Since each BPA-free bottle is aseptically filled, the antioxidant properties of the coffeefruit in Limu Lemonade remain potent. You can enjoy the orchard-fresh taste of bai5 knowing that Limu Lemonade is delicious, pure (bai is the Mandarin word for pure) and healthful.

“Lemonade has always been the go-to beverage for refreshment. Now there is a great tasting lemonade that hydrates and provides antioxidant benefits,” says Mr. Weiss.

About Bai Brands, LLC

BAI BRANDS, LLC began in Indonesia where entrepreneur and coffee industry pioneer Ben Weiss stumbled upon the fact that coffeefruit, the casing that surrounds the coffee bean, is an antioxidant powerhouse. Back home in Princeton, New Jersey, he mixed coffeefruit and exotic fruit juices in his kitchen for over a year to create a great-tasting, healthful beverage. The result was an antioxidant-rich, refreshing line called bai. In August 2009 BAI Brands, LLC was founded. A year later, in response to customer demand, a second line of beverages was launched: bai5, a low-calorie, low-sugar variety of the original recipe. It became an instant bestseller. Today, bai5 beverages are available online at, at leading retailers throughout the U.S. and at premium stores and supermarkets along the East Coast and West Coast. Every bottle of bai5 delivers a thirst-quenching experience that is 100% natural, infused with antioxidant power and flavored with exotic fruit juices. Eight delicious varieties packed with flavor not sugar. For more information about the complete line of bai5 Antioxidant Infusions, visit