Bai Partners with Dr Pepper Snapple Group

New York, NY – (March 16, 2012) — bai Brands, the maker of bai and bai5 antioxidant infused beverages, announced today that it has entered into a distribution partnership with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in their New York and New Jersey Metropolitan areas.  Starting April 1st, DPS will saturate their area of distribution with antioxidant packed bai and bai5.

“We are incredibly excited about our new partnership with one of North America’s leading refreshment beverage distributors.  We have ramped up our team in preparation, expanding both our Sales and Marketing and appointing Ken Kurtz, formerly of Fiji Water as our new VP of Sales to meet this alignment with the internal commitment it deserves,” says Ben Weiss President and CEO of bai.

“We are delighted to see what is in store for this region and know that success in the NY market will have a very positive effect on the rest of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states where bai brands has already established top-tier distribution,” says Weiss.  Retail chains that will carry bai and bai5 include; Duane Reade, Whole Foods, Quick Check and Fairway.

Created by entrepreneur and coffee industry pioneer Ben Weiss, bai is an all-natural, low calorie, antioxidant infusion and is one of the beverage industry’s fastest-rising stars. The 11 bold, fresh fruit flavors found in bai and five-calorie bai5 come from 100% natural ingredients and organic sweeteners. And just one bottle of bai contains the same antioxidant levels as a bowl of blueberries and provides 100% of the FDA’s Daily Recommended Intake for antioxidants.

“The first quarter of 2012 has already proved very productive for bai as we enter our second beverage selling season.  We have secured two very important markets, Los Angeles and New York, with best in class distribution and completed a route-to-market strategy that is second to none in the industry,” says Ben Weiss.   With the DPS partnership, bai is poised to launch our most exciting beverage season yet.”

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