BAWLS Guarana Signs with Splash Beverages For Distribution in Eastern Canada

April 5, 2012- Miami, FL — Eastern Canada now has a Master BAWLS Distributor, Splash Beverages based in Montreal, Quebec. This new partnership will broaden BAWLS’ scope of coverage further into Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces. Working together with the BAWLS Guarana corporate Team, Splash will go out strong and product will begin hitting shelves again by May 2012. It will be available in independent convenience stores and gas stations at first and slowly build a presence in chain stores.

Having been in the beverage industry for 12 years and familiar with the BAWLS brand, Splash owner Frederic Dore has the network connections and expertise required to properly position BAWLS Guarana in the Canadian market and make it a thriving marque. “Our goal is introduce BAWLS into new chains, new wholesalers and independent distributors and by doing so, give BAWLS the place it deserves in the Beverage Category here in Canada” said Frederic Dore of his objectives with the brand. All products going into Canada will have redesigned English/French bilingual label and verbiage specifically geared toward the Canadian audience. Over the years, BAWLS has garnered the attention and affection of many thirsty Canadian fans making this a much anticipated reward for the BAWLS drought experienced in some areas of the Country in recent months.

About splash Beverages: Splash Beverages’ role is to facilitate the introduction and distribution of imported beverages in Canada for foreign companies. Owner Frederic Dore is a young and enthusiastic sales professional with over 12 years of experience in the Canadian food and beverage industry. As founder and owner of Blue Spike Beverages, he created a national sales network that reached 200,000 cases annually. In 2004, he developed his own brand, Mojo, a unique energy cooler and distributed it across Canada. In 2006, after selling Blue Spike Beverages, he continued his career as National Sales Manager and developed the beverage division for one of Quebec largest food distribution companies. His last assignment was as Vice President of Sales for the second largest wine and spirits company in Canada.


Since the Brand’s rebirth on March 25, 2010, the Guarana goodness of BAWLS’ smooth taste, eye-catching packaging and naturally-caffeinated kick has fueled the days and nights of millions of heavy-eyed students, techies, professionals and athletes everywhere. Headquartered in Miami, FL, BAWLS Guarana beverages are available at supermarkets, convenience stores and electronics retailers across the US.  BAWLS Guarana is a refreshing, super caffeinated line of sodas infused with Guarana – a naturally-caffeinated berry harvested in the Amazonian rainforest.

Company mission: The mission of BAWLS is to manufacture a highly caffeinated premium portfolio of beverages utilizing only quality ingredients and exclusive packaging. To provide fuel, refreshment and flavor while inspiring memorable moments to our existing fans, and everyday striving to reach the grip of new fans. To provide growth and enrichment to our employees and business partners by conducting business with integrity, fairness and honesty.