Big Red Releases Online Comedy Videos Inspired by Classic Soda Experiments

AUSTIN, TX— What do you get when two guys living with their mom have too much time and a penchant for recreating classic science experiments? Big Red’s new video series “Don’t Tell Mom We’re Doing Experiments in the Garage.”

Big Red, America’s original and #1 selling red soda, is releasing the first installment of this online comedy series this week on its YouTube channel and Facebook page on June 20.  The original video series features affable characters Kip and Whirl conducting well-known soda science experiments in their garage.  But since this knowledge-challenged duo wants to achieve “Deliciously Different” results, rather than using standard soda, they use Big Red instead.

The first video in the series “Mystery Mint”, illustrates the unexpected reaction that occurs when one mixes a certain mint candy with Big Red instead of cola.  Given the duo’s disregard for proper scientific method, things don’t always go as planned.

Several more videos will be released during the summer campaign.  In one video, Kip and Whirl recreate the classic baking soda volcano experiment with Big Red resulting in an unforeseen outcome.  In a subsequent episode, the characters attempt to dispel the urban legend that mixing soda with carbonated popping candy can produce a fatal result.  Another video promises surprise guest appearances from a zombie, a discontinued action figure, and even Abraham Lincoln.

Big Red plans to engage their Facebook fans and Twitter followers to make the video campaign more interactive. Big Red’s Twitter account @drinkbigred will feature the hashtag #donttellmom, allowing Twitter followers to tweet things they don’t want their moms to know about. Consumers can also use the hashtag or comment on Big Red’s Facebook page to request which classic soda experiment they want Kip and Whirl to tackle next.

Big Red partnered with the Beef & Sage comedy team and Real Normal Productions, both based in Austin, TX, to concept, write, direct and produce the online video series.