Columbia Gorge Organic Completes Third-Party Testing For Arsenic in Apple Juice – Results Were as Suspected: “No Arsenic in Our Organic, Locally Produced Juice”

Hood River, OR – February 8, 2012 — Columbia Gorge Organic quickly responded to recent reports of arsenic in apple juice concentrate products by having their 100% fresh pressed apple juice tested.

“Even though we trusted our apple juice was free of arsenic, we wanted to reassure our customers and retailers, with third party testing, that our juice always has been and always will be free from toxic chemicals,” says Jimmy Stewart, co-owner of Columbia Gorge Organic. “The apple juice scare began in the fall of 2011 when TV Personality Dr.Oz announced that he found, through his own testing, dangerous levels of arsenic in some of the most popular brands of Apple Juice in the U.S. In late 2011, his findings were confirmed by Consumer Reports with their own study.”

“More and more people are concerned about where their food comes from and how it is being produced,” Stewart continued, “and we think that’s great. Many brands on the shelves seem fresh, organic and local, but if you look closer and ask questions, you’ll see something quite different, and that should concern people.”

Columbia Gorge Organic was one of the first organic, family farms in Hood River, Oregon, and now produces over 60 varieties of fruit to make fresh 100% organic juices, smoothies, canned fruit, and now, gluten-free food bars. The company is the only nationally distributed, family-owned and operated, organic juice company.