Gourmet Purveyors Says Greed Is Not Good, Especially In The Food Distribution Business

Los Angeles, August 23, 2012 Getting a product onto crowded shelves is never easy, as the food distribution system is complex, expensive, and often, not very transparent. Food distribution channels are clogged, which is why Gourmet Purveyors International (GPI), founded in 2007 by Jon-Paul Chevalier, is retooling the distribution model. The specialty food industry has its 800-pound gorilla distributors who specialize in drop and go distribution and brands who use tried, rather tired, formulas for bringing a product to market, which works well enough if the brand is big enough and swings a fat wallet.

Where old formulas fail is with trend-forward, original, healthy products aimed at multiple demographics who are indifferent to traditional marketing.  Every single product and brand GPI distributes is the lovechild of savvy entrepreneurs who know how to think and do business outside the lines.  These trend-forward brands recognize consumers are increasingly shunning food and beverages that have artificial flavorings, high-fructose corn syrup and other undesirable ingredients.

Chairman, sole Founder and majority shareholder of GPI, Jon-Paul Chevalier, said “Five years ago when I launched Gourmet Purveyors out of my garage, I knew our business model had to be different than the drop and go monopoly-oriented distributors.  We run very lean and cost-effectively, we create a demand in the marketplace for our brands from the ground up, it’s a very grassroots effort. Our business model is based on targeting retail accounts intelligently. Retailers vary widely in their requirements and customer base. We take the time to ensure a good fit for both the retailer and the brand.”

As an industry leader, GPI works hard to stay ahead of the pack in the fiercely competitive, dog-eat-dog food distribution business.   With start-up distributors sprouting up weekly, it is not altogether surprising newer competitors have tried to associate themselves to the highly successful formula created by GPI’s sole Founder, Jon-Paul Chevalier.

“We’re the little engine that could. It’s a rather sincere compliment when competitors claim they founded GPI, or are even part of GPI, just to try to snag an order.  You’ve heard of pop-up stores, well, we are seeing pop-up distributors within our industry.  GPI will continue to stay tightly focused on our core community and client driven values to develop brand recognition and loyalty while serving the individual needs of our retail customers. In the end, outstanding service, stellar products and fair, transparent pricing are what drives GPI’s business relationships.” said Chevalier

As a community-based business, Gourmet Purveyors International is developing a non-profit start-up, Food On Local Tables, to provide assistance to local struggling families and is supported by the lifestyle brands GPI distributes.

“GPI and our extraordinary portfolio of food, snack and drink brands are together going to put our collective money where our mouths are and give a little back to people who are having a hard time putting food on the table. We’re also partnering with Brian Liu and Adam Rosenfeld, who created the breakthrough Zenify beverage, to support their new charitable organization, Cherish One World.  It’s time for business to employ a kind strategy, that is where GPI and our brands are at. We all know how the once popular model of “make money at all costs” turned out.  Which is why, in my opinion, hard working business owners and entrepreneurs are played out with the widespread business school graduate’s sorry affliction of foolishly believing they are the smartest person in the room.  However, the University of Life and the School of Hard Knocks teaches you to keep a close eye on anyone guzzling their own Kool-Aid. It’s swill I’ve never acquired a taste for.” noted Chevalier.

From modest beginnings in Founder Jon-Paul Chevalier’s garage, to spacious offices and warehouse facilities in Commerce, California, Gourmet Purveyors International continues to attract and retain cutting-edge, highly original food, drink and snack brands who are seeking shelf space that is a customized fit with their psychographics.   Gourmet Purveyors looks forward to continued success both as an independent distribution company and with its two closest distribution partners, Haralambos Beverage and Real Soda.

Chevalier continued “When you found and build a business from the ground up,  as I did with GPI, the retailers and brands we work with closely indentify with that.  GPI embraces acts of kindness and respect, rather than greed.  Sure, we’re in the business of being in business, but as the largest shareholder of this company, I determine the culture for our 16 employees and our business.  I voted for a kinder, gentler way of doing business.” commented Chevalier.

For more information about Gourmet Purveyors International and Food On Local Tables please visit www.GourmetPurveyors.com, email Hello@GourmetPurveyors.com or call 323.724.3400.