Just in Time for The Masters: AriZona’s Golden Bear Lemonade

Though one has to wonder how many of today’s youth think that legendary golfer Arnold Palmer was named after the lemonade/tea combo that he himself made famous, it certainly won’t be an issue for his former rival and protégé, Jack Nicklaus, who, like Palmer, has partnered with AriZona to launch a new beverage line.

Last week, AriZona – quietly and without much fanfare – introduced Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Lemonade, and it appears that the company may be prepping for a much larger launch later this month.

As in its relationship with Palmer, AriZona appears to be licensing the name the brand name “Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Lemonade” from Nicklaus himself, who owns the trademark through Nicklaus Companies, LLC, according to a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The trademark covers lemonade as well alcoholic flavored malt coolers, undoubtedly following in the path of the Arnold Palmer Hard line. The Golden Bear line debuted with three flavors: Strawberry, Mango, and Honey with Ginseng.

AriZona has launched an official Facebook page for the new line and made a few mentions of the brand on its Twitter account, noting that the lemonades are currently distributed in Quick Chek, Race Trac, and Sheetz convenience stores, with “many more locations to come.”  Nevertheless, the company is apparently keeping the lid on a wide scale media blitz, possibly until after a rumored televised announcement of the launch by Nicklaus himself.

With two of the three greatest golfers of all time now in its stable, could a Tiger Woods Tea be far behind for AriZona? Or our favorite – a Craig Stadler soda?