Kristian Regale Announces Updated Labels

PARAMUS, N.J., April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kristian Regale, Inc. is proud to announce updated labels on its entire line of Kristian Regale sparkling juice beverages. In addition to crisp new graphics and a vibrant color-scheme, the new labels emphasize Kristian Regale’s Swedish recipe and heritage, while simultaneously promoting the product’s category-leading nutritional content.

Grant Gillespie, COO of Kristian Regale, Inc., commented: “We are very excited about these new labels as they effectively communicate the innovation and differentiation Kristian Regale is known for. Moreover, an ever-increasing number of consumers are making purchasing decisions based on nutritional content, and we are proud to lead the segment in terms of providing and displaying nutritional information to help the consumer make an intelligent – and delicious! – purchasing decision.”

With the changes, the company has updated its labeling to stay ahead of consumer trends. Following, the American Beverage Association’s Clear on Calories initiative, Krisitan Regale’s new labels prominently display calories per serving on the front of the bottle. The updated labels also place an emphasis on some of the product’s key nutritional attributes such as being caffeine-free, gluten-free, and 100% natural. Additionally, the new labels promote Kristian Regale’s Swedish heritage, and highlight the delicious taste and flavor notes provided by the brand’s Swedish recipe.

The updated Kristian Regale labels began shipment in January 2012, and will be rolled out across the entire line of products in April 2012.

About Kristian Regale

Kristian Regale, Inc. makes the top selling Swedish-Style Sparkling Juice Drinks in the US. Its line of unique 25.4oz sparkling juice beverages is always 100%, all-natural, and is widely distributed across America, Canada, and the Caribbean. The company’s Swedish recipes produce a distinguished, light, crisp, and refreshing taste that is alcohol-free, and goes great with any kind of food. Kristian Regale was founded in 1987 in Hudson, WI, and its products are sold through mainstream supermarket chains, specialty gourmet and natural food stores, as well as through private label relationships with major supermarket chains and club channel retailers.

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