LaCroix introduces newest flavor, Peach Pear, nationwide in 8pk fridge at Target Stores.

This June, Target’s newly expanded sparkling water set included increased facings for LaCroix 100% natural sparkling water.

The ninth flavor introduced by the LaCroix brand is one of the skus in the dedicated set.  “We have been working with retailers to create dedicated sparkling water sets,” says Vanessa Walker, Director of Strategic Brand Development, National Beverage Corp, owner of LaCroix sparkling water. “Sparkling is a proven category and LaCroix is driving growth as the number one brand in cans throughout the USA,” contends Walker, who’s brand is up a reported +33% versus the sparkling category at +25%.  “We’ve seen a migration to the sparkling water category and retailers are responding by dedicating shelf space to attract consumers increasingly surrounded such as our ‘can it – switch to sparkling LaCroix”.