Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink to Power Dodgers Baseball

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The thrill of Dodgers baseball is back. Under new ownership, the Los Angeles Dodgers hope to bring magic this season to win their seventh Word Series championship title. Helping make this possible is the new official ginseng drink of the Los Angeles Dodgers: Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink™, an ultra-premium ginseng-based, vitamins-packed functional beverage that tastes great and helps boost energy.

“We are happy to partner with the L.A. Dodgers,” says Marty Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Mr. Pink Collections, LLC.

As the official ginseng drink of the L.A. Dodgers, Mr. Pink will be in each game played at the famous Dodger Stadium with its presence felt from the Dodger Vision Board down to the home stands and home plate. Mr. Pink will also power the Dodgers broadcast on television and radio, enabling every Dodger fan – young and old – to be connected to the team wherever they may be.

True to its L.A. roots, Mr. Pink represents the growing enthusiasm from active people for a healthy functional drink made of quality ingredients perfectly blended for that ultra-premium and deliciously-refreshing taste. Packed with 100% of the daily value of vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, Mr. Pink provides that healthy dose of strength and energy. Its pure and high-quality ginseng in each 12-ounce can helps increase physical endurance, reduce fatigue, mitigate the harmful effects of stress, and aid in lowering cholesterol. With all of these benefits, Mr. Pink gives Dodgers players and fans alike the support they need for healthy energy and stamina, while promoting a healthy immune system(1).

Best of all, Mr. Pink is low in calorie count with only 75 calories in the original blue can and zero calories in silver sugar-free can, making it not only delicious and refreshing but also a healthier alternative to overbearing, sugar-laden energy drinks for everyone (yes, non-Dodgers fans too!) to enjoy.

For more information about Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink, visit You may also contact Rajan De Los Santos of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email at Find Mr. Pink on Facebook and follow it on Twitter @drinkmrpink.

(1) The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. 2005 Jun;45(2):178-182.