neuro Debuts Reformulated Version of neuroTRIM

Enhanced Formula Features More Fiber to Amplify the Appetite Control Effect

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — neuro, a leading premium functional drink company, today launched the reformulated version of the company’s revolutionary appetite control drink, neuroTRIM. The improved version of neuroTRIM includes a highly purified and ultra-condensed version of the key ingredient, konjac fiber, which produces a more significant, longer-lasting appetite control effect. neuro is the only company using this form of konjac fiber in a drink in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

neuroTRIM can be an effective appetite control tool to help curb cravings from the mid-day munchies to over-indulging at dinner. When hunger pains strike, time is of the essence to avoid too many tempting trips to the vending machine or breaking into the secret stash of chocolate in your desk. The upgraded neuroTRIM formulation includes one gram (4% of the daily value) of the unique konjac fiber, which is one of the most water-absorbing soluble fibers on the planet. In clinical trials, only the highly viscous fibers like konjac produce effective appetite control and weight loss effects.

“For more than a year, neuro has worked with leaders in the nutrition industry to come up with an enhanced version of neuroTRIM that tastes as good as it works. We’re excited to introduce a reformulated neuroTRIM to the marketplace as we continue to provide consumers with truly functional drinks that lead the way in efficacy,” said Paul Nadel, President of neuro.

neuro is available at select retailers nationwide and in the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit


neuro is a beverage that helps you do more than simply exist. Using the power of science, each neuro enhances the body’s reaction to all the ways you live your life in color; from providing the spark that ignites your passions and stimulates your mind, to the fuel for your dreams and inner peace, to the catalyst for a healthier life through vitamin D and appetite control. Each neuro is only 35 calories, contains no artificial flavors or colors and is fully recyclable.

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