NEXT Proteins, Inc. Adds To Its U.S. and International Patent Portfolio, Hires Partnership Capital Growth to Consider Strategic Partnerships

CARLSBAD, CA – (January 5, 2012) – NEXT Proteins, Inc. (NEXT Proteins), pioneers in the development of the nutrition industry’s top protein products, has been awarded a second patent in Russia for its carbonated protein beverage technology.  This patent is based on the subject matters of four of Next Proteins’ U.S. patents.  The patent further expands the broad aspects of Next Proteins’ revolutionary protein beverage technology including the use of a wide range of energy ingredients, juice based protein beverages and the ability to make carbonated protein drinks without the need for secondary tunnel pasteurization.  This patent is another addition to Next Proteins’ expanding worldwide patent portfolio consisting of six patents granted in the U.S., and patents issued across 33 additional countries including the EU, China, Japan, India, Australia, and Mexico.

The recognition of NEXT Proteins’ technology by another sovereign state with a substantial CSD market further enhances the broad scope of NEXT Proteins’ worldwide patent portfolio.  For more than nine years, NEXT Proteins has singularly researched, funded and developed its revolutionary carbonated protein technologies, which are embodied, in part, in the company’s proof of concept commercial product: the world’s first carbonated high protein fitness drink, XAPP®.

Given the noted strength and breadth of its interlocking patents, the Company has fielded strategic interest in its intellectual property and has begun considering strategic partnerships and opportunities for the sale of its patent portfolio by hiring Partnership Capital Growth, a leading merchant bank who’s previous experience includes well-known successes in the space such as CytoSport (makers of MuscleMilk); acai market-leader, Sambazon; EAS, and Naked Juice.

“Our innovative Intellectual Property Umbrella allows us to produce carbonated protein drinks at any concentration in nearly every soft drink plant around the world.” stated David Jenkins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NEXT Proteins. “NEXT Proteins’ patent portfolio provides an unimpeded path to leadership in the explosive growth category of RTD protein and enhanced functional beverages.  This patented technology redefines the market by providing significant flexibility and cost reductions for all protein beverage manufacturers, whether carbonated or still, in the U.S. or abroad.”

About NEXT Proteins, Inc.

Founded in 1988, NEXT Proteins, Inc. has been the driving force behind innovative protein brands including nutrition bars, beverages, and powders, that help consumers live healthier lives.   In 1993, NEXT Proteins pioneered the development of one of the industry’s best selling protein powders, DESIGNER WHEY®, and ten years later launched the blockbuster DETOUR® protein bars.

As early as 2002, NEXT Proteins was creating the world’s first carbonated high protein drinks.  Today with six issued patents in the U.S. and multiple patents issued or pending in all the major beverage markets around the world, NEXT Proteins is continuing its leadership in the development of revolutionary products with the new XAPP Protein Fitness Drink.



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