PURE SWISS Drives into New International Markets

San Francisco/Zurich (September 18, 2012) – PURE SWISS Inc., a Swiss premium mineral water importer recently completed distribution agreements as well as shipped containers to Mexico and Kuwait. These international distribution agreements will supplement the Company”s existing distributors in the United States.

Alex Fries, CEO, stated, “We now work in a worldwide economy, so there is no better time to form a strategic alliance with respected global partners to expand our product presence. Our ability to offer direct factory shipments will increase profitability as well as be instrumental to the success of our international venture.” Fries concluded, “We are excited about the future of our international business as we add to our list of distributors.”

PURE SWISS, being a Swiss premium healthy mineral water brand, provides a unique offering for our distribution partners. As consumers across the globe become more knowledgeable and concerned about the health benefits of what they are drinking, they become thirstier for high quality products.

“We are positioning PURE SWISS for significant global penetration and are truly excited about the opportunity to grow our brand in both Mexico and Kuwait with such well-regarded partners,” said Ernesto Paiz, Director of Marketing. “We anticipate announcing several more distribution partnerships shortly.”

In Mexico, PURE SWISS will initially be distributed in 500 ml glass bottles and be available in still and sparkling. In Kuwait, PURE SWISS will be available in 1L PET bottles and initially be available in still. These new partnerships will give PURE SWISS access to a vast array of retail formats, including conventional supermarket chains, hypermarkets, independent retail operators, and the food service channel. PURE SWISS will be attending the upcoming Natural Expo East in Baltimore September 20th -22nd and be at booth #457.


PURE SWISS Inc., a subsidiary of PURE SWISS Holding in Switzerland, is a privately held company in operation since early 2009. Our mission is to bring healthy, refreshing mineral water straight from the pristine Swiss Alps to consumers worldwide. PURE SWISS is available in both glass and PET, is naturally alkaline, low in both sodium & nitrates, and contains an array of essential electrolytes – it’s simply healthy and refreshing. PURE SWISS is also available in California and Utah, at leading supermarkets and natural food retailers such as Bristol Farms, Andronico’s, Berkeley Bowl, Draeger’s Markets, WholeFoods and Harmons. For more information on PURE SWISS please visit: www.pureswisswater.com.