REBOOTizer Schedules Event Samplings in New York City and Los Angeles Marketplaces

Team REBOOTizer reaches industry influencers and samples consumers in a plethora of health and wellness events coast to coast

Wilton, CT (April 23, 2012) – REBOOTizerTM, the revolutionary antioxidant supplement, today announces plans for consumer and influencer sampling events through the remainder of the 2012 calendar year, growing market presence and brand awareness in both the greater Los Angeles and New York City marketplaces.

The announcement comes just days after participating as a show floor sponsor at the nationally acclaimed Yoga Journal Conference – NYC. Among both national and regional retailers alike, REBOOTizer provided 1,800 on-premise samples to yogis and conference attendees as a three-day exhibitor in the Yoga Journal Marketplace.

“We received great testimonial feedback from consumers and influencers over the three days of the Yoga Journal Conference in New York City because we were able to capture users in the state of exercising both body and mind, eating the right foods and learning how to live healthier, longer lives,” said Sarah Acker, Director of Marketing for RebootizerUSA. “Consumers would try REBOOTizer before or after a scheduled yoga class and come back the next day asking for a second pouch to help them perform better for their next session.”

Other scheduled events where you will find Team REBOOTizer for May and June 2012 include:

  • The OC Marathon and Expo – May 4-6, Costa Mesa, CA
  • TD Bank 5 Borough Bike Ride and Bike Expo – May 4-6, New York, NY
  • Tri Events, Inc. Presents Los Angeles Triathlon Championship & Tri
  • Express Series – May 12 and June 10, San Dimas, CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Pasadena Marathon and Expo – May 18-20, Santa Ana and Pasadena, CA
  • Gran Fondo New York 2012 & Expo – May 18-20, New York, NY
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon & Expo – June 1-3, San Diego, CA
  • 2nd Annual Soundsurfer Waterman’s Challenge – June 10, Westport, CT
  • Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga – June 20, New York, NY
  • Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference – June 22-24, Denver, CO
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon & Expo – June 21-23, Seattle, WA
  • Long Beach 10k, 5k, 1 Mile Pajama Run – June 30, Long Beach, CA

Delivered in the innovative and eye-catching MixSystemTM pouch, which prevents potency loss of antioxidants and nutrients, REBOOTizer has been developed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike perform better and recover faster from strenuous exercise. By delivering a powerful boost of potent fruit and plant extracts to the body before or after exercise, athletes are helping to fight and rid themselves of excess free radicals and toxins in the body at their peak occurrences.

“The condition of Oxidative Stress is an imbalance that occurs when the body cannot eliminate excess free radicals on its own. REBOOTizer is an ally to boost the body’s natural ability of neutralizing free radicals in situations of strenuous exercise, such as a marathon, cycling race or yoga session,” said Catherine Brandt, CEO of REBOOTizer USA. “Participating with our core consumer on premise – when their body most needs an ally to recover from such strenuous exercise – is the best way for us to showcase the benefits of REBOOTizer. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring our ground-breaking product to health-conscious consumers at the events where they most directly need to counter the negative effects of Oxidative Stress.”

Offering both functionality and fun, REBOOTizer can be enjoyed directly from the pouch for a variety of on-the-go occasions – consumers simply squeeze, shake and drink when ready to reboot. Brandt added, “REBOOTizer is a fun, unique concept in the health and wellness space and we have carefully chosen these event partners in our primary geographic regions of Los Angeles and New York to help consumers live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle at any age.”

REBOOTizer is available nationally for direct purchase online

( and is currently available at Whole Foods Market in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, among other retailers and distribution networks to be announced throughout the year.

About REBOOTizer

REBOOTizer is a dietary supplement designed to combat oxidative stress by neutralizing damaging free radicals and assisting the body’s natural detox functions. Developed by leading bio-chemist Anne Sophie Bongain for the Alpenrose Clinic in Switzerland, REBOOTizer’s remarkable supplement system is designed to neutralize toxins and free radicals into “inert molecules”, boost metabolic efficiency and assist the liver to “detox” naturally. REBOOTizer is imported by Global Entry, LLC in Wilton, CT.

“Feel Better Today, Live Better Tomorrow”.