Runa Launches Ready-to-Drink Guayusa Tea in Whole Foods

Brooklyn, NY (March 19, 2012) — Brooklyn-based Runa LLC launched its new ready-to-drink Guayusa tea line at Whole Foods in the Northeast and North Atlantic markets.

Guayusa (gwhy–you–sa) is a native Amazonian tree leaf that indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon have brewed like tea for thousands of years. Drinking guayusa is essential to what makes them “Runa”— fully alive.

Runa Guayusa Teas offer clear, focused energy by balancing as much caffeine as one cup of coffee with twice the antioxidants of green tea. And with only 50 calories per bottle, Runa Guayusa Teas are a healthy, energizing option for those who are looking for a delicious way to refresh and focus.  The products are organic, Fair Trade Certified, and come in four delicious flavors and are all : Traditional Guayusa Tea, Lemon-Lemongrass Guayusa Tea , Mint Guayusa Tea, and Hibiscus-Berry Guayusa Tea.  Runa Guayusa Teas retail for  $1.99 at Whole Foods.

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