Thomas Kemper Soda Announces Expansion into Wegman’s Supermarkets

PORTLAND, OR. October 1, 2012 – Thomas Kemper Soda, a Portland, Ore. based maker of super premium craft brewed soda and Division of Big Red, Inc., announces the expansion into Wegman’s Supermarkets.

Hand crafted Thomas Kemper flavors, including category favorites Root Beer and Ginger Ale, will be slotted onto Wegman’s shelves in 80 stores from Western New York to Northern Virginia in October.

“Wegman’s is an innovative market leader in the grocery industry” said Bill Germano, President of Thomas Kemper Soda. “and our products match up well with shoppers at Wegman’s have come to expect. The market for premium craft soda continues to grow and our dedicated customer base continues to move eastward. We’re proud and excited that Wegmans will be the first place to find Thomas Kemper in this very strategic new market for us”.

Thomas Kemper Soda was acquired by Big Red, Inc in September 2011. Plans are to continue to expand the Thomas Kemper line of hand-crafted super premium sodas to strategic retailers in the Midwest and Eastern US throughout 2012.

About Thomas Kemper Soda Co.

Thomas Kemper Soda is a Division of Big Red, Inc, and produces super premium craft-brewed bottled soda. The company got its start in the explosive microbrew scene of 1980’s Seattle. Today, Thomas Kemper maintains the same Northwest spirit at its Portland, OR, headquarters and continues to bottle its soda in small batches using cane sugar and the finest ingredients. Thomas Kemper products are available at finer retailers and restaurants in the Western U.S. with growing availability across the remainder of the country. For more information, visit